Monday, December 01, 2008

I have a lot to say about today, tune in later, I'll post later tonight

Got a lot of mail today from you guys, I'll try to address most thoughts.
I had an exceptional day today, we made some really killer calls. The gap fade did not work, we had a total trend day DOWN obviously. Once I saw we weren't going to bounce we shorted a bunch of stuff for huge profits. This is a one way market, if you are able to navigate that way you can make a sick amount. I am having just a sick year, I mean, if only the dollar were going to be worth something, hehe, I might be excited! :)
Anyway, we'll all talk later! I thought we would go down today, I didn't think they would sell with both fists honestly. Having said that, we just rode the wave all the way down. In this market that's what you need to do or you get reamed. RULE later!
Stick with it, dudes and dudesses, stick with it!

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FACTOR R said...

WAXIE , one more thing please people need to stay away from Jim Cramer show !!! wow Waxie I made I search on line and the mistake it is just getting out of control first he sad at the end of 2007 that 2008 it is gonna be the best year ever then now he is saying that dow at 7500 it is not the bottom yes right maybe Waxie I don't have a big plan to make money besides my CONTRA ETF and stick with you but for sure I have a plan to how not lose your money ...I AM MAD SICK WITH THIS GUYS OUT THERE SAYING BUY..BUY..BUY OH I AM BUYING TODAY , OH IT IS THE RIGHT TIME TO BUY ...JESUS IF YOU WANT TO INVEST WHOEVER YOU ARE MOST BE CRAZY BUT IF YOU WANT TO DO ANYWAY AT LEAST WAIT FOR DOW HIT 5000 THEN MAYBE AND JUST MAYBE YOU CAN BUY ...OTHER THEN THAT LET'S STOP THIS NO SENSE BUY,BUY,BUY