Saturday, December 06, 2008


I want to be VERY CLEAR, I am BULLISH here, I have been BULLISH since I said it after we hit basically the low of the year.

Please stop emailing me asking me what you should short, I would not short much here. If you want to short the market, I wish you the best, I think we have a good shot to see 10,000 on the DOW by Obama's inaugeration. That doesn't mean I won't TRADE short, but I don't want to be short stuff for more than a trade here.

Just remember, we are TRADERS, so I will switch if I see something that indicates that my opinion is wrong. I think we have a LOT of room to the upside on a LOT of stuff, thats why you should all sign up for the JANUARY EFFECTS class! It's this coming Wednesday, December 10th, and in fact for those that sign up now I may be sending a starter list on MONDAY! That list will have 2 or 3 plays off the list that I am buying IMMEDIATELY!

I'm telling you, I feel strongly that this years list is going to be potentially the BEST EVER. There are no guarantees, I could be wrong, but I warn you - miss the list at your own risk! We are already 1 for 1 with CY rocking. I think we'll go 15 for 15 when all is said and done!

So, ok, there ya have it, I've sent numerous emails saying that any dip here is buyable in my opinion. Friday was a GREAT day for clients in the chat room and Black belt as they got ALL The great plays we had. YOU should stop watching and start playing NOW!

And, stop telling me that you can't wait to short. TRADE THE MARKET! Stop being stubborn about it! YES, I am VERY VERY VERY bearish OVERALL, but I am a trader and I believe that we have seen the lows of 2008. That doesn't mean I am bullish overall, it means that from when I first said it through year end my bias is CLEARLY more bullish than bearish. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong, won't be the first time, nor the last.

There ya go, I don't know how to be any clearer than this. OK?

Obama is looked upon as a Mesiah. The market rallies every time the guy opens his mouth, that has to be respected. Friday's reversal was textbook TRENDFUND.COM trading! We got it! So should you!


And, sign up for the JANUARY EFFECTS LIST! Email -

get yourself signed up TODAY! Do not delay, I will be giving several plays on MONDAY for the list!



ragdo said...

Dow 3000-5000 = deflation
Hyper inflation = Dow 30000+

steel, cement, cranes etc etc

the fact is that the world has never seen the kind of fiscal and monetary stimulis that we have seen and will see
the problems is that infrastructure build requires debt and that is the very issue that is the problem
there is little doubt that fiat money will be worth next to nothing in the next decade

only thing that bugs me is that a lot of people are looking at the same map (rally of 40%-50% in the coming months and then $SPX 400-500 into 2011-12)

this does not mean that it is wrong but the market always has a surprise...maybe the move into the spring will not be that great and just a lot of chop...maybe the market goes to a new high in the next 6 months and smokes top callers along the way
stranger things have happened

what i see is a whole lot of people that think that the market can never go up again...bullish me thinks

Erik28 said...


thanks for making things crystal ball clear, and thanks for the numerous blog postings.

Some of us (myself included) are more swing traders, than day traders. And the intermediate term momentum shifts are what I look for the most.

Since i signed up as a black best w/ trendfund, you said:

1) WAIT to short till the Russell hits 750 (top 10 Tech shorts class)
-that entry was absolutly perfect
I shorted GOOG from 510 to 260 w/ the Dec puts you called off that.

2) WAIT to short till the SP hits 1000 (on the Obama election run up)
- that entry was perfect
(i cant even recall the huge list of shorts i killed off that one)


3) WAIT to reload till obama gets sworn in to reload short.


Some of us (well ill speak for myself) might be a lil hard headed, when we have been raking in the CASH here big time just shorting the crap outta GOOG over and over again.

So I appreciate the emphasised effect, i do.

We all (to some extend) can fall in love w/ trends.

LONG CY (since friday after the gap down) FYI

Erik28 said...

keep up the awesome work and heads up. You have been posting alot, and it helps LOTS of us, crush the market.

(black belt)

Anonymous said...

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thomas said...

Last Friday was DOWN compared to the prior Friday, even with the "rally." Jobs numbers were dismal and retailers are praying for a miracle through Christmas. Foreclosures continue to increase. Detroit will only get partial funding, if at all, under Bush and Santa Claus is on a respirator. If Obama can rally us through the next six weeks, then he's Harry Houdini. It's like pumping helium into a lead balloon and watching wide-eyed for the thing to take off and fly. Scary stuff.

In Debt We Trust said...

Nice site waxie.

Btw, the fundamentals don't seem to matter anymore. Equities are now ruled by the specs and government manipulators to support their hedgie friends.

But the bond markets (treasuries) are telling the longer term, real story. Treasury bulls are still strong and long.

Also the yen continues to strengthen.