Thursday, December 31, 2009

Going out with a BANG, not a thud...

Our last call of the year, or at least mine, were GS $160 calls yesterday when it was up about $1.40. Between yesterday's close and today as of now at 3 pm EST, with an hour to go in the 2009 trading year GS is rocking.

Irony is, GS has been one of my biggest enima stocks of all-time. I've caught it really really good a few times, but that sucker has cracked me on more then a few occassions.

Maybe that's a good Omen for 2010, I'll choose to look at it that way (hey, I'm a very superticious trader dude).

In the meantime, it's nice to rock either way and today to end 2009 I'm enjoying my best day in a couple of weeks. Very way cool. I can't take much credit as far as trading today since I woke up at around noon. Thanks for all the well wishing emails, I wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year to you and your families.

In 2010, as in all years before, and perhaps even more so these days, we are all in this crazy thing called life together. Keep your heads up, your smiles broad and your lips full of song...or something like that.

RULE 2010...see ya there soon -


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Nice way to finish 2009! Bring on 2010! BAMMO!

Thanks again for all the great feedback and testimonials. Very nice way to finish 2009 and as we are about to embark on our quest for more profits in 2010, let's think about those that have a lot less then us and I'll reiterate that if you have done well with trading, and gotten any help from the free stuff, email me and give even $5 or $10 to the Trend Fund Foundation, a 501C-3. It's tax deductible. Any donation is much appreciated.

And, keep the testimonials coming, we love to get them!

Subject: Hey, Waxie
Date: 12/30/2009 6:20:02 P.M. Eastern Standard Time
Reply To:

Sent from the Internet (Details)

Waxie, you're a cool dude, and from what I gather about you...yes, a warrior, too!

I try to read all of your blogs, have been a subscriber to some of your services off and on, etc. I think you and your gang have it going on.

Thanks for being you and sharing so freely as you do. It's refreshing.

God bless you and yours as you enter the new year.

Wishing you the best in life,

JG, Texas

Subject: January Effects
Date: 12/30/2009 5:59:24 P.M. Eastern Standard Time
Reply To:


This is my first year to play January Effects and I wanted to share my experience with you. All this info is as of close today and I still have some positions open.

I played 14 positions.

I paid a total of $12,944 for those 14 positions.

My total profit was $1312.05

The 3 positions I missed was MSO which hasn’t done anything. HBAN which also didn’t do anything and AONE which was a big winner. I hated missing that one. Count me in next year because I was one of them that didn’t understand that I didn’t need to hold them until 1/8. Most of my losers had profit early and I didn’t take it, won’t make that mistake again.

I know AAPL wasn’t part of JE but I wanted to share it with you. I paid a total of $1940.00 for 10 options and I’ve made $2950.56 on it so far and still have 4 options that I’m letting run. Great call on AAPL.

Thank you


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Window Dressing and 2010

Remember, Window Dressing basically ends in 1 1/2 days. Volume is so light, I'm out of some of the Window Dressing plays as of yesterday. Sold 1/2 my AAPL calls 2 days ago near the highs on this move = sweet. Still in about 1/2, and will sell if we don't get a pop,and certainly before the New Year.
Why? Well, thats the trend, baby, the trenddddd...

January Effect stocks still rocking, I sold some more and will buy some back perhaps on weakness.

It'll be a very interesting few days as investors battle traders jockeying for position.

I think 2010 is gonna truly be the year of the INTERNET. Not sure as far as stock prices, though I think AMZN and GOOG and PCLN remain pretty stable so far and should at least outperform the market. What I am pretty sure of is that as people deflate, which is where we head first before inflation sets in later, then the internet is that much more appealing. I feel like a lot of this move is part and parcel of that thought process. WMT is trying to out-AMAZON Amazon, but I don't think they can and I think AMZN can out WMT WMT online. Yeah, AMZN trades at very high multiples, but if I am right then that may contract a lot. It's very interesting from a business perspective to see how businesses really just dominate whole sectors when they get this big. 10 years ago many thought AMZN would do this, in between them being right the stock went all the way down to single digits. I wish I was smart enough to have bought some AMZN calls way back when when it was single digits. but lo, I simply wasn't that smart.

1st quarter earnings should be VERY good. Cycle wise they could peak this quarter, or next. I think we're still buying dips here into earnings, but then I think we should get a very nice and potentially deep selloff. I expect a split year market again, though arguably 2009 wasn't really a split year, since the split was January to March and then the next 9 1/2 months we were bang-zoom UPPPPPP.

I can see S & P 1300s, though I doubt it goes much past that, if and when it gets there. I guess if I'm wrong about the dollar and it actually weakens and we INFLATE rather then DEflate, then yeah, the DOW could realistically see new all-time highs, as sick as that sounds. If not, then I suggest good shot we're headed toward 8000s on deflation and on dollar strength. Remember, that carry trade once it unwinds is gonna be a serious downer for the market. Stay tuned...

2009 for me has been whipsawed. I had a great start of the year, then got into a car accident March 5th and called the bottom, but obviously didn't expect this type of move and missed much of it, and also got slammed pretty hard. Thankfully my first piece of the year enabled me to hold my own, but clearly I wish I caught more of the move up then probably the 1st very little sliver.

For those that caught that bottom and stuck with it, I congratulate you. Ya beat me, hehe. That is for sure.

In the meantime, I'm making 2010 the year of my good health and good trading, feel free to join me and remember - RULE!

See ya on the other side of 2010...

Michael "Waxie" Parness

Monday, December 28, 2009

The Laws of the universe works...sorta

As we head into the New Year, I want to share a TON of gratitude to all our loyal clients, many who have been with us for years. I want to thank all the great people I met while filming our new show, its always great to meet people live, in person. And, since then many of them have kept in contact. One of them I recently had dinner with, and a couple of them write me regularly. It's awesome.

I also want to thank those of you that donated to the Trend Fund Foundation (You still can!) and who paid for the Window Dressing class that ROCKED (100% of the proceeds is going to the Trend Fund Foundation!).

I'm always in awe when people truly take the time to change their lives. Having said that, and like I always tell clients at seminars and online in webinars and such, trading isn't for everyone, just like opening a Pizza shop isn't something I would be good at more then likely. Some get it and flourish, and some don't and move on to other opportunities. Ultimately, the laws of attraction, I think, take over and people migrate toward what works for them.

I always say it and I stick to it, our goal is to get you to a place where you can do it on your own successfully. Yeah, I hope you stick around anyway, but it's a success if we can get you to a place where you can fish on your own. I take a lot of pride in that, truly.

I remember trading when I first started, its very different then how I do it now. Back then it was a full time (triple time) job. These days I spend much of my time at home working on various projects, fulfilling services and taking care of my kids as a #1 priority. I also take care of my health, which is something I took for granted til not so long ago.

Life is full of twists and turns, and I think trying new things, breaking old habits, and making renewed commitments to success are keys to just that - success.

It's interesting doing the radio show and talking to so many cool people who have achieved success in various endeavors. They each have a unique perspective, but ultimately one thing they all seem to have in common is the ability to move positively through life. Me? I can't always seem to do that, much as I try. Sometimes I get down, but one thing I have learned over the years is that as long as you keep getting up, and up, and up, and up...eventually you won't fall down anymore.

Today I got called a warrior by someone I respect a lot. Eh, I don't know if I'm anything other then a dude, but one other piece out of the success book is that it's good to take compliments and be gracious about it. Another person I respect, out of the blue sent me an email saying they admire me. I had a client tell me the same, in fact a few great emails from clients.

I'm truly blessed. Yesterday my entire family got together for our annual family holiday party. We're such a mixed bag religion wise, we're all over the place, so we just celebrate everything for the most part. It's one of the best years of my and my kids lives every year.

It'll be 2010 soon enough, and I think 2010 is gonna be my best year on earth, I really do. I think I'm going to have my best all around year - ever. People define these things in a myriad of ways. And, I used to define it that I had a hot (or any) meal growing up at times, or not dropping out of school, or having the cute girl I went out with let me give her a kiss on her cheek (I never got any further then that, trust me). And, I certainly used to define it by how many great days trading I had, or how much money I had in the bank.

Now? Sure, some of those things are important, but honestly, the most important thing is having all those cool great well wishes, and returning the favor...and, even more so...hearing my girls wake up every day and the first thing out of their mouths every day, literally, is "daddy, I love you".

That, my friends, is the law of attraction, and that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

Happy trading, happy holidays and I look forward to serving you all in 2010. We have HUGE new initiatives, and HUGE new projects to unveil in 2010 and I'm looking for new ways to rule the market, cause that's what I do for you. I can't cuddle with ya, but I can try my darndest to teach ya how to fish.

The universe works in reverse sometimes. The more you give, the more you get back. I sometimes forget that, but writing out here with you, I remember it well.


Michael "Waxie" Parness

Sunday, December 27, 2009

More testimonials and seminar interest!

I guess it helps to have a ROCKIN' class or two! Keep 'em comin'!


Subject: Great Calls
Date: 12/27/2009 11:22:56 P.M. Eastern Standard Time
Reply To:

Hey Michael:

A) Thanks for the JE and Window dressing stocks; been REALLY rocking for me as well.
B) Definitely interested in the live seminar in Vagas or wherever it may be.
C) Looking forward to this week;
D) Hoping your new venture does not take you away from us.

Happy and healthy!


March seminar, futures flat...coming week...

We've already got a few people interested in the Vegas March seminar, our RULE THE MARKETS, RULE YOUR LIFE seminar, 5 days of intensive education! Email me @ to find out more as info becomes available! FYI, cost will be offered tiered more then likely, meaning ala carte whereby you'll have a chance to pick and choose what you feel you want!

Date: 12/27/2009 7:08:37 A.M. Eastern Standard Time
From: m*(*(
Reply To:

waxie..please send me the

wanted to thank you again..STEC,WFR were incredible...i sold after a tremendous run!!! I bought AAPL and AGAIN...kachingo!!! thank's to a tremendous 2010!! I know you mentioned taking another position..please don't go too far..


Futures are flat to start the trading here. I bought some /ES at 1119.50 and am up about 2 points, so we'll see. I know I'm in the majority, which scares me, but I think we end the week higher then where we closed last week baring some bad news. And, I like Gold and Silver higher as well into end of year. Oil a bit as well, though not as much.

Watch the best of the best, the creme de la creme to see what shakes out.

Rock on and RULE!

Email me with any comments and ideas -



Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ring in the New Year with our next LIVE SEMINAR!

In Mid-March 2010 we are going to be having our first live seminar in a while. The seminar will be held in Las Vegas more then likely and will be for a full week of LIVE TRADING!

The event will be run by myself, yours truly - Michael "Waxie" Parness, and Scott "Candyman" Littlefield.

We're looking at 5 full trading days, complete with 5 full days of Morning Briefing with Scott, 5 full days of Marketcast with Waxie (me) and five full days of live trading right along side us!

Details to be announced shortly, if you want to get some info first, send me an email -

There will be discounts to anyone who is a member, and some amazing special offers for everyone. So, stay tuned.

If you want to learn to earn, and you want to do so to start 2010, then its time for you to learn to earn from someone who some have dubbed legendary...

It's time to take the next step in your education and come to our LIVE 5-day seminar!

Come meet Waxie and Scott and see what we do and how we do it. And, let's RULE together!

Email me ASAP at - and as soon as we have it, we'll get you the info!


Michael "Waxie" Parness

Friday, December 25, 2009

And, the hits keep coming and coming and...

Merry Christmas all, hope everyone enjoyed the festivities. I sure did! My kids and I saw the Sqweakquil (is that how you spell it). Plus Santa brought them a whole host of goodies. My 8 year old is getting a little suspect, she asked me if I was going to sneak and put the presents under the tree. I think she knows there isn't a Santa coming down our Chimney (we don't have one) and it would take a lot for him to fit into our window that has a 1/2 inch hole to pop through --- maybe.

Yes, we celebrate it all here in the Waxiehood, as long as it involves giving my kids presents I'm all for it. Tonight we have a sleepover with their 3rd sister and I'm only up because there was a very silly dispute over sleeping spaces. It's funny how it seems so serious these things to a child, and five minutes later they are all kissing and telling each other they love each other. Ah, to be a child again and experience the magic. It happens and its a good thing I have sleeping bags up the wazoo to accomadate.

This weekend my entire family is in from around the globe,,,sort of, at least if you consider Cincinnati another country.

As far as the market, I had my bestest week in a while and am enjoying the fruits of that. It certainly helps to have some Ka-chingos right before buying presents. My youngest says to everyone that if I need money all I have to do is press buttons on my computer. Were that only true, I'd be retired rather then blogging at 1 am on a Friday night.

But, its nice when things align and you get a sweet list or two. Both the January Effect list and the Window Dressing list are ROCKING hard, and I do mean HARDCORE hard!

The testimonials are coming in fast and furious cause the January Effect list is just SICK so far with profits being booked on some already! In fact, some of the stocks listed below were up dramatically more on Thursday before the close! AONE, STEC and WFR. If my math is correct then we have a 200% gainer, and (2) roughly 100%gainers now, though I will try to do the math and update as we go.

Here is a testimonial from the other day (results have not been verified, but the testimonial is 100% legit);

From: h*(*&(*

Sent: Thursday, December 24, 2009 10:20 AM


Subject: Re: Window Dressing 2009 Archived Link and List of Window Dressing Stock Ideas

You want a testimonial??

AONE calls up 21%
STEC calls up 160%
CGA calls up 46%
UNG calls up 38%
WFR calls up 54%

Keep on rockin'



The Window Dressing list started off with a bang as well, with GOOG up sweetly, AAPL going NUTS, and several others performing admirably as well. We'll see what happens from here, I hate to count my sheep before they cross the road, or something like that, but owning AAPL, GOOG and AMZN calls has been very sweet indeed. If you haven't checked out the MARKET CAST service that I do every week, you should. I'll give ya a free two week trial if you send me an email;

That's only available to those who have never taken a trial to the service before*

Also, have you checked out the TRENDCRUSHER.COM software yet? 2-week free trial there as well, check it out and let me know what you think. Steele, the developer, will be on my radio show Monday @

In the meantime, let's see if we can close this year out on a high note and really get this market to bust out as we called! I said we'd be where we are, and wha-la, even a blind waxie can find a few ka-chingos once in a while! BAMM! BAMM! BAMM!

This coming week it'll be interesting. I have a feeling Gold gets a bump higher. I had stopped out of my oil futures position for a loss on almost the exact low of the week, which sucks, and obviously Oil then ran $5 from there which would have been a VERY sweet ka-chingo, but thats life and trading. Timing is indeed everything.

In the meantime, enjoy this holiday season with friends and family, we all have a ton to be grateful for. A literal TON and I think 2010 is gonna ROCK even better, we got a HUGE inflow of clients from our STOCKING STUFFER offers, if you want to receive the offers email me;, or and we'll get you the list of special offers!

Just an fyi, in January I'll be on and off here, still suffering from accident, and still working hard to get through it. I'm taking some time off - off and on to try to finally put it behind me. It might take a while longer, but I'm confident it'll be fine in the end. I also got offered an AMAZING opportunity outside trading which I've taken and which I am hoping will allow a bigger footprint in the trading world in the end.

I also want to say that the high road never looked better and remember that in the end all you have is your integrity. You should treat it with respect and it will reward you if you do.

Til next week, or at least Sunday night, make sure you eat hardy and ROCK ON!


Michael "Waxie" Parness

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thanks for a great Window Dressing class! And, check out the powerful - for a FREE two-week trial!

So far so good, let's keep it rocking and real!

As promised a nice portion of all proceeds from the Window Dressing class will be donated to the Trend Fund Foundation, a 501C-3.

Also, the January Effects list is really humming, and knock on wood will hopefully continue higher.

In the meantime, Merry Christmas to all, and if you wish to donate to the foundation please email me at - and I will let you know where to send donations. Yes, they are tax deductible.

I'm getting ready to fly back into town and deliver the ka-chingo gifts to my kids. They are very happy, as am I.

In the meantime, remember to take the high road, cause its the only road that leads you anywhere worthwhile. And, remember to trade with your head, not over it!

Also, I'm promoting our new software product - The TREND CRUSHER. You should check it out, its FREE for a two-week trial and it's very cool stuff. Do yourself a favor and take the trial.

Go to;

I've had a nice week, its about time and it's nice to finish up the year strong. The trends don't always work, but when they do, tis a thing of beauty!

2010 looks to be even better! Rock on and RULE!!!

Merry Christmas everyone, hoo hoo hoo, Santa Waxie signing off...

Michael "Waxie" Parness

Monday, December 21, 2009

Tune in tonight from 7 to 8 pm EST to my new Radio show!

Michael "Waxie" Parness Tonight on Trend Success I dish on COMIC SUCCESS, chatting with 3 Comedians who have had success as, well, as comics! Tune in and check it out, and call in to speak to me or the comics;

You can call in, toll free, to speak to me or the comics as well!

7 to 8 pm EST tonight!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Well well well, here we do...

Last week of 2009 and the question is, do we get some fireworks, or just a real dud?

The good news is, so far the January Effect list is doing quite well indeed! A couple of very nice winners so far. We'll see, but I'm feelin pretty good about it heading into the year's home stretch. As the commercial goes, accept no imitations! Rockin' the casbah...but let's not get too cocky just yet. A couple of them I really love. I'm not playing so heavy simply cause I'm still dealing with my rehab stuff from the car accident in March and shopping for presents for my girls. I celebrate every holiday. My feeling is that it's all good, and all an excuse to give my girls more presents! While I don't spend what I used to on gifts like most everyone else, they just like to open up a lot of small stuff. So, I buy them a whole bunch of little cool things and they go nuts unwrapping them. That's enough of a gift for me, I don't need anything else.

In the meantime, Tuesday we'll be doing the final Window Dressing class of the year, so if you're interested send me an email at and CC and we'll see what we can do to sign ya up if you are interested. The list will have at least 10 stocks that I think if the trend works should finish the year higher. Remember, its the final week of 2009 and the market has rocked overall this year, are investors really gonna dump the last week and pay all those not so yummy taxes? Hmmm, I suggest you take the class, folks. It's not expensive, not remotely. This is a cheap class as compared to most, so you might as well check it out. Stay tuned and email me or email for even more details!

You know, on Thursday I spent about 5 hours in the ER because I couldn't walk. I was there til like 3 am. I pulled or strained or tore something in my ankle and foot and it was excruciating. I've never used crutches that I can remember and I have to admit it was not fun or as easy as I thought it would be. I know I've been very lucky in that regard. Actually, now that I think about it, I think I did use them once, yes, when I had surgery on my big toe several years ago. My memory is shot, but it comes back slowly at this point.

But, it was a necessary thing and I'm grateful it isn't broken, which is what my PT doctor/therapist said it might be earlier in the day on Thursday.

That isn't my point here. While sitting there I saw some pretty cool human interactions. There was an older guy, maybe 65 to 70 and he looked somewhat disshevled. He was a white guy. He asked an African American young guy, maybe 30s for something and I couldn't hear what it was but I could see that the young guy wanted to do with what the old guy. Now I have no idea if race had anything to do with either of their interactions, but at the very least the age did I think.

The young guy's mother, who looked to be in her late 60s, was in bad shape, I felt horrible for her, no matter what they did to try to make her feel comfortable she was moaning like crazy.

The older guy was just wandering around and looked confused. A few minutes later the older guys wife showed up and she had an ice pack on her hand and her face was bloodied and basically she was a huge mess.

All of a sudden the younger guy started to bond with the older guy and his wife. I think the reality hit him head on and he saw that he wasn't the only one who had a loved one suffering.

And, conversely, the older man started asking about the other gentleman's mother and took notice.

Pain has a commonality. There are very few things that bond people who normally wouldn't have anything to do with them. It seems to be often one of them. It's also easy to sometimes get stuck in self pity without caring about our fellows.

Everytime I go to Physical, or Cognitive or Occupational therapy these days, which is twice a week, I get a bit down. I hate not feeling 100% and I hate having to take the time away from work. I also don't like feeling like I'm not in "control". To many clients I'm a good dude and I've helped them (as they have me btw). I try to give my all to what I do. I work a lot of hours and am always striving for better things and doing research that hopefully helps others. To some, I've been told, I can be an inspiration. That's not something I take lightly, we get inspired, each of us, but different things. I'm no hero, not in the least, I am very fallable and certainly feel like I'm the first to admit when I'm wrong, though I am sure I'm even flawed in that area. No one is remotely perfect, certainly I'm not.

When you are in a hospital you realize how little control you really have over your life in many ways. When I had the car accident in March I really felt like I was on top of the world. I was the James Cameron of traders and fathers. I have two beautiful, wonderful girls who I adore and who tell me often how special I am. Nothing beats that. But, when my car collided with the other guys car head on basically and the airbags deployed and knocked me out, I very suddenly felt not so great. It knocked me down to size, you could say. It humbles you to have that happen and realize your own mortality. It also humbles you when you trade and have a few bad months in a year. I've talked about it in every class I do, and on here when I feel up to posting. For me, as we come up to year end, its been a rather big swing year, this 2009. I've had some really really great moments and some really really bad moments. That includes my personal life and my trader life. In the end I think its all "good" and as long as I learn from it it can all work for the betterment of me, and hopefully my clients.

One thing that is clearer to me now more then ever is the commonality we all share. I like that, frankly. The truth is we are all vulnerable in some way(s) and there isn't anything wrong with it, as long as we are able to look at it and adjust for it.

When I start to feel sorry for myself for having to deal with not being on top of the world a few short months after feeling as though I was, all I have to do is look around me twice a week. See, at the hospital while I'm doing physical therapy because my neck and back, and now foot hurt pretty intensely at times, there's always someone within view who has no legs, or perhaps no arm or is hunched over because they broke their back and will never be the same again.

And, when I feel sorry for myself because I have memory lapses and my vocabulary at times is limited, all I have to do is look around me at somewhat who lost an eye, or doesn't know who he or she is due to illness or accident.

And, when I feel sorry for myself because it's harder for me to work a gazillion hours now, all I have to do is look around me at the many people who are out of work altogether, or had a far worse accident, or illness and can't work ---- period.

And while everything is somewhat relative, the truth is universal and that is that there is always someone(s) who are far far far worse off then we are. And, so when someone asks me for help, or needs something, if I can offer it up I try to. When the lady who had the ice pack and the busted face looked at me, I smiled at her. And, for a brief moment that, I think, helped her because she smiled back.

Sometimes thats all we can do. Maybe thats really corny and a doffuss who is 6'4" sounds like a sap for saying it. Cool, I can live with being corny, my girls like me to smile at them as well, and I enjoy theirs probably even more.

What's the point? I don't know, random musings and some gratitude. Times are tough for most everyone I know. They are tough for me right now as well, but times change and people can transform and adjust.

And, perhaps, smile at times through it all.

Happy Holidays to all, and hey, you want some market musings? OK, am I the only one who sees these Bank of America feel good commercials and wants to puke when they talk about how much they have loaned? I'm sorry, that's disgusting. But, I guess in theme, they do make me laugh, cause it has to be a joke that they are trying to get over on everyone saying "hey, we're the good guys!"

Well, you know what? Happy Holidays to them, too. What the hell, happy holidays to all. Today was a good day, it snowed in NYC and I love and I mean LOVE snow. I took my youngest sleigh riding with her sister and watching them laugh and have fun and make snow angels, well, it was enough for me, for today and today is all I have.


Michael "Waxie" Parness

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


You can still sign up for the BEST January Class EVER GIVEN!

A full 15 stocks and 10 option play ideas and you can still sign up for the lists and the class!

Email me -, or and we'll steer you in the right direction!

In the meantime, check out our Stocking Stuffer deals and also check out the new software - for your FREE two-week free trial!

It's time to get in the game, and ROCK!

Did ya see C after hours? Oouch to shareholders, including me since I totally misread that Piece of crapola. Will need a miracle cure to get it back to $3.50 by Friday. Amazing, the government did everything except offer to buy the whole bank out and they still can't get more then $3.15 a share.

Stock trading down to $3.21 after hours. At least we caught BRCM calls today for a VERY sweet ka-chingo!

Tomorrow we start to look for some PIN ACTION for Options Expiration and I'll be holding a class on that shortly again, so stay tuned!



Wednesday, December 09, 2009


OK, folks, so tomorrow is the JANUARY EFFECTS class - go here;

Sign up NOW!

We just got this TODAY! This is a REAL testimonial....

Sent: Wednesday, December 09, 2009 6:20 PM
Subject: Re: January Effects Class Set for Thurs Dec 10

Can't wait, last year's list just about all but 1 stock as I recall went up HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tammy M.


It's that time of year, folks! Our BEST and my favorite annual trend is BACK!

Last year's list went 15 of 16 babies and this year my goal is to do EVEN BETTER!

So, check out the class, its tomorrow night @ 7:30, though its possible we'll put it off til Monday depending on the market. Either way, the class will ROCK!

Do you want a piece of the January Effect? It's time to get in the game! If you only do (1) class a year,,,THIS IS IT!


Michael "Waxie" Parness

Click here;

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

And the beat goes on...

First off, thanks everyone for attending tonights class! A smashing success indeed and I hope you all got a lot out of the class. Looking forward to more goodies soon, including the fabulous January Effect Class soon!

In the meantime, the market keeps treking along and singing it's song, walking in this almost Winter Wonderland.

It almost feels like the other thing that will derail this beast is some insanely horrible (G-d forbid) thing. We just shake off everything and anything.

This is the mother of all carry trades.

One thing of note, and it may be meaningless, but one of the Fed dude's said today that he thinks they should raise rates early 2010. If that ever got legs THAT would end this hell's bells rally and smash us. The air would come out of these tires faster then you can say RATE HIKE.

I'm almost ready to get long the beast of all stocks, the BRK.B. I'm hoping that we get some sorta rinse and I can grab it around $3200. I'm sticking some away for that 50 for 1 split at that point. If I knew when it was definately gonna happen I would take a position, or not, based on that split date. Notice how BRK.B has not participated at all in this recent bounce/rally. Ominus, or are they just head faking people into thinking the banks are toppy?

The one really healthy thing about this market is that they keep moving from sector to sector. I discussed that tonight in the class, it's pretty cool if you watch them go from one to the other. The AGs look like they could really REALLY bust a move. But, again, that'll depend on the dollar's direction. If the dollar continues to plunge then watch $125 and then potentially $150 for POT. Having said that, we really are in nosebleed area and taking swings here for more then stabs seems a tad pricey to me. Hey, we should either ramp and see 1200 or fail and fall back to 1000 or below into year end. It's possible we just tread water, but seems unlikely.

Watch 1120 to 1125 are the next really key resistence levels here.

AAPL tanking hard into the close, again = ominus sign, or just someone dumping and tomorrow it reramps? If you look at it, GS, and some others its kinda scary, the typical leaders are not performing all that wonderfully.

OK, it's late and I have to hit the hay. Nite all, and remember - RULE!



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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Just a hunch...

Lately it seems nearly every Monday is a TREND day, usually UP. The fades seem to be awful on Mondays.

I have a gut feeling that if we get a decent size gap UP today it's fadeable, with a 10 am rule stop. I wouldn't bet the house on that, its just a gut feeling and not always right (nothing is), but particularly if we gap up over 1100 on the S & P I would have to take that short WITH STOPS. If I lose, I lose, but my gut says we're not getting a major trend day MOnday and if thats the case then even if we are choppy there should be a fade at the open either way.

HOWEVER, if we open fairly flat, then the play becomes much softer, meaning if I play the fade I'll be playing it pretty small more then likely. For futures traders I would use same 10 am rule as I think a gap up even of 2 or 4 points on the ES should be a fade, again with STOPS.

Tough week to predict here. Asia is CRUSHING higher, so we should have some strength at the open and again its possible we just zoom higher and see new highs here, so if 10 am rule reverses our positions so be it. I'm willing to cede a small loss for a potentially bigger gain.

Let's see what shakes, and early this week I plan on going VERY slow here.

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Saturday, November 28, 2009


Holidays are many things to many people. They are a time of family, friends, rejoicing and sadness. A time for reflecting, and new beginnings. I grew up not loving the holidays, frankly I loathed them, they were almost always a time of disappointment and sadness. We didn't have much often times and there were many years when we got IOU's as presents. IOU's that were never made good on. It wasn't because my parents didn't want to make good on them, it was because they mostly just didn't have the means to make good. I also remember fondly spending time with my large extended family and that meant lots of love, lots of food and often lots of fighting. I always wondered why there seemed to be more fighting at these family gatherings then at any other family functions or celebrations. Watching the TV in Cincy where I am this Thanksgiving with my family and of course my amazing kids I finally figured it out. The local news had stories of arrests and family violence all over it and I have to assume much more then usual. Why? EXPECTATIONS...

We expect to have great loving times with our families and extended families this time of year. We expect to celebrate. We expect nice gifts, and we expect that good times will be had by all. And, when those expectations are not met often times people get angry, or sad, or hurt. And, when many of us have these feelings we want to do something with it, so often times people act out and lash out, either to themselves (the suicide rate during the Holidays is much higher then any other time of year) or to others, particularly those that they care about most, since the more you care the more you care and the stronger the feelings, thus the stronger the reactions.

People often (and I'm certainly one of them btw) react without thinking, and sometimes without thinking of the consequences. One of the wisest things anyone ever said to me in my life is that sometimes the best thing you can do when you feel the most is...NOTHING. I've had to practice that in a myriad of ways. I grew up a "hothead" and I didn't really pay attention to what might happen after my hothead reaction. Friends were lost, family felt hurt, and most of all, I suffered due to my own inability to comprehend that there are always consequences - always.

In poker they call it "tilting". In trading we call it "losing your shirt". In life we call it "losing", period and it could mean a whole host of things. Because life is indeed bigger then a poker game, or whether GOOGLE (GOOG) goes up or down, for you or against you. It's not profit vs loss, it's life and the results of your actions far extend that one hand, that one trade, or any 100 of either. Life effects your family, your friends, your kids, your clients, your employer or employees. Life actions are bigger then these.

Part of growing up, rites of passage to adulthood usually include invaluable, and often painful lessons. Through these lessons we try and hopefully eventually succeed at learning enough to not continue to make these mistakes. I've said many times before that the smart man/woman learns from his/her own mistakes, the wise man learns from others mistakes so that he/she never has to make them themselves.

I tell my clients that one of the best things I can offer (and feel I do) is that most of the mistakes they may make as traders I've already made for them. So I can teach them what I've done wrong so hopefully they don't have to go through it themselves. Sometimes, though, it doesn't matter what I've done wrong (or right), sometimes they need to go through it themselves anyway. Sometimes they learn from them and stop doing them, and other times they don't. It's said (I didn't coin it) that insanity is making the same mistake again and expecting a different result.
The same can be said, I've learned, about making the same good act, it works positively and leads often to the same or similar good result.

I've had a pretty amazing life. Sometimes it has seemed surreal. I'm one of the very lucky people, and very ridiculous people to have gone from rags to riches, and then nearly back to rags, and who has had my life story optioned, been able to live many of my dreams (there are quite a few left) and who is considered by most anyone who knows me as someone that people can rely on. I'm also known as a tad eccentric, kooky, prone to drama (hey, I'm a writer), and someone who has a hard head. Someone who has made some mistakes that I've learned from, and some that apparently I haven't...yet.

One of the great things about life is that it comes in bunches and every day truly can be a new beginning. Every holiday season can be a new chapter. I watch my kids grow up, I see them experience their ups and downs. Thankfully it's mainly ups, but I know that as they get older they will have to experience many joys and some hard lessons. There is only so much I can do to prevent the tough times in life. When my mother died last year around this time they saw me cry for the first time ever. Since I grew up where everything was just thrown out there, and all the kids knew basically everything and all of us on some level took the hardships on, I've tried to shelter them from almost all of my own struggles, and certainly know that they are kids and kids should get kid info. They don't need to know, nor should they, if I have a horrible day trading, they don't need to know if I'm feeling down cause some woman rejected me (it has happened often, suffice to say), or cause I'm worried about money (that happens often as well), or because I made a bad business deal, or dealt with a crazy situation, or person. But, they did need to know about their grandmother dying, and they certainly did need to attend the funeral. And, while I didn't plan it that way, they did need to see that daddy isn't unshakeable, nor superman (I'm most certainly not). Being a single dad is the greatest thing I've ever done in my life, and the hardest at times.

And, again, one of the best things I've learned, and the most profound, is that often the best thing to do is - nothing. Nothing. Life just needs to sometimes play itself out.

As a trader I teach and I've learned that every trade, every day and every year long term is a new beginning. Old trades are old trades and need to be left behind. There is no need to cry, as they say, over spilt milk. You can't do anything about a bad trade other then learn from it. Sometimes thats hard for a trader, its sometimes hard for me. I've bitched and moaned and gotten angry, felt horrible, frustrated, down on bad trades, or even good ones that turned out bad, and sometimes even ones that were good but I knew shoulda been better. Shoulda, woulda coulda = no truer words have ever been spoken for a trader, and a fisherman.

The way I grew up, you always react when someone attacks you. I grew up on the streets, so to speak and literally at times. Very raw and very real. I've had people attack me physically and on the internet. When you are a (very small) public figure (of sorts) people usually have strong feelings one way or another about you. I remember when my first infomercial came out, some people sent me hate mail and email, some were jealous, some people felt I inspired them. It's a mixed bag. As a dramatist and director of stage and film I've often told an actor that if you are going to F-up, F-up LARGE. Don't shy away from things, and I try not to. I had my life threatened many times years ago when I called the crash that happened and I bragged, perhaps foolishly at times in retrospect, that I and my clients were profiting from the downturn. It was marketing, but it did make some people angry because if you're losing money then more often then not you want to blame someone for it.

Growing up as a "victim" at times, a victim of circumstance, I try to live my life without being a victim. I tell my clients what I've heard "there are no victims, only volunteers". As a kid we have no choice in a lot of things, and we can't leave if our parents suck, or we get abused in other ways. As an adult we have choices and we can stay, or leave, or best - learn from the experience and move our lives forward.

I talk a lot about integrity and honesty and if there is one thing that I hope my kids learn from me, it's that their integrity has more meaning then most anything they will have as they move forward in thier lives. But integrity comes from within and it comes from stripping away the layers of muck that are often heaped upon us growing up, I think.

I'm rambling at this point I am sure, but I am waiting for my family to get ready for dinner and for us to go out as a family tonight. That makes me thankful. I have many good friends and lots of great family. Growing up I couldn't say that at times.

And, I'm thankful that I know that I can be charitable and have fresh beginnings each and every day as a trader, and in my life.

December is a great time of year for me in my life now. The holidays are filled with laughter and joy. My kids are very happy, and my family is mostly happy. My friends enjoy getting cards from us and we enjoy sharing.

I also enjoy sharing with my clients. Most of the time December provides amazing profit opportunities for us Traders. I've had some of my very best trades and times trading during Decemember and into January. It's also a great time to reflect, and to be charitable. I started the Trend Fund Foundation, a 501C-3 years ago becuase I believe that one of the best things you can do in life is give something to someone who has less then you. Anyone reading this blog, for the most part, has a lot more then a lot of people. If you're reading a blog written by a trader then chances are you have some money, even if its a few $1000. That's more then someone around you.

How the hell did I end up here in writing this, I can't tell ya. I try not to edit these blogs too much because if I do then they are all marketing and while I hope you all sign up for a service (hey, it is a business after all), I'm just as happy if you send me a nice email, or silently get something out of what I share.

The best email I've gotten all year and probably in a very long time I got a couple months ago from a former client who I'll call "Mike". Last year around this time Mike wrote me and said that he was contemplating suicide. He had lost his job, had very little money and felt ashamed that he couldn't support his family. He also felt that he couldn't go on in his life. I don't know about anyone else here, but I've felt that way several times in my life. I have strong dramatic feelings, so I tend to feel things, well strongly. Over the years people tell me I've "mellowed" and that's true. I am fairly level much of the time, though not all. It's better that way I've learned, at least for me. And, as a trader being level is definately a good thing. I remember the day Alan Greenspan did a .50 basis rate hike and the market spiked crazy higher in a milisecond and I was eating lunch and spit it out. I was short everything and anything, for well more then I should have. I broke my own rules, which I do at times, and when I do I usually regret it. I was way way way overly bearish. I lost a literal ton of money in a matter of minutes, and there was nothing I could do. I no longer have the noise on my computer when I trade in terms of ringing when my stocks go up or down, cause that day the noise was deafening. I tried to stop out of things but by the time I did it was near the top of the move and I couldn't do a dang thing to stop it. It was the antithesis of printing money, it was my money being sucked out of my account, like a vaccum. Whoosh!

Well, back to Mike. I told Mike that money wasn't everything, I shared some of myself and I told him he needed to get help from a professional. I'm a trader, not a therapist or mental health professional. I may have passed abnormal therapy and taken some courses, but I'm not qualified to help someone in that way. I wrote Mike a long reply and I tried to provide the only thing I could, which is my experience of the times I've been down the worst and thought the worst. My experience when I've thought that I couldn't deal with life, that it was way bigger then I could handle.

These days I've spoken to a lot of friends, family and clients who have and do feel the same way. Cliche as it is, life ain't easy sometimes. And, maintaining one's integrity when its darkest is always the hardest. People do lots of things they might not normally do when they are most desperate. But, there are certain things that are final and that you can't come back from. Obviously death is one of them.

Well, happy endings, Mike wrote me and shared his experience and thanked me for my "help". He's gotten a job, its not the job he wanted, nor is it as good as the one he lost, but he's supporting his family as best he can and he is feeling much better. He's gotten the help he seems to need, at least from what he was kind of enough to share with me.

Thing is, Decemember is a time when we experience a lot of things, good and bad. For me, it really is about new beginnings. New beginnings as a trader, as a business man, as an artist, as a friend and as family member, and father.

Thank you all for listening over the years, or just for today, and thanks for sharing some of yourself with me at times. The human condition isn't easy often, there is one choice we all make every day. Do I try to be helpful today, or do I try to be hurtful to my fellows, and to myself.

I will end it by saying that I have a good friend who once told me that resentment is like peeing down your own pants, you're the only one who feels it, and that pain is a part of life, misery is a personal choice.

Feel free to email me or send me your experiences and your thoughts as always. It'll all remain confidential unless you say otherwise.

And, thanks "Mike" for I know you are reading and I appreciate the gift you gave me, it keeps me doing what I do and trying to be of service while also trying to earn an honest buck.


Michael "Waxie" Parness

Thursday, November 26, 2009

CONTACT INFO, market crash...

Futures broke below the 1075 level but are RIGHT THERE, which I think is a key marker here. Down nearly 3% overnight is a pretty freakin' big move, to say the least...see what shakes out, gotta think we're not down 5% on a 1/2 day of trading holiday wise unless Black Friday #s are horrid. But, ya never know...that's trading...and ES just broke to new overnight lows here, testing 1070, wowsa!

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It's time for the ole put up or shut up...

News out of Dubai is cratering the futures on Thanksgiving. That's not very nice and happy to a lot of investors (including me as I'm long into tomorrow = start).

Futures down 23+ on the ES (S & P) and 42 on the Nasdaq futures. That's a steep freakin decline premarket, particularly when tomorrow should have been an up day based on the holiday and the 1/2 day status.

I haven't had the time to digest the news or really read the whole thing so I'll refrain from making an overall call, though my initial impression is that there are going to be some very nice fades to play. With all due respect to the UAE they aren't the center of the universe.

The sectors that may very well get whacked the hardest are the financials and anything real estate related. Remember, we've said for a while, as have others, that the commercial real estate sector would be the next "shoe" to drop. I do own 10k SRS and 80 FAZ calls as my hedge so hopefully for me that will counter my AMZN and AAPL calls and the other small stuff I own.

In the meantime, I did my marketcast class Wednesday after the close and said that I felt that the market would head higher Friday, unless some news came that derailed us. Well, seems we got some news that rerailed us, at least initially. Hard to imagine calling for the gap to fill if its truly 20+ points, or more (watch 1075 on the ES as a potential short term line in the sand here).

So, it'll be interesting to see what we do particularly if Black Friday #s look better then expected. If that happens I would think that becomes the focus and not what happened in the UAE.

The fear here is that the house of cards we have been trading on becomes the house of wax and someone lit a blow torch to melt it. Or, some bad metaphor like that.

So, either the fear that this will lead to worldwide emerging and other market meltdowns either spreads, or this is just another buying opportunity on the dip. My guess initially is its the latter. If it all melts down, though, it'll get very ugly very quickly.

As we always teach, "NEWS RULES!" There's nothing that is more powerful then news. You can have the best trend, and the best chart and the best fundementals, but if the news is bad, the stock is gonna get hit.

As far as fades go, watch retail off news from Black Friday and more then likely stay shy with banks and financials, just not worth it unless we start to look like we are going to get a massive reversal. Very tough on a 1/2 day, the timing is really bad for this type of news because unless it gets cleared up right away investors face the cunundrum of locking in profits and leaving the "risk" trade, or using this as a buying opportunity if they missed this move, or a lot of it.

Also, watching the Dollar, it should be UP on this news. Europe gets hit far worse then we do on this and yet the dollar, while up a tad, is certainly not up much here.
A flight to "quality" would usually mean that the dollar gets a very nice squeeze, and perhaps it does but so far it hasn't, and Gold has not sold off all that much.

So, let's see what clarity we can get overnight, maybe we'll open GREEN! OK, not very likely, but we are about 10 points off 1075 and below that I'd look at 1050. If we bust below that early next week it'll either act as support or we may finally get that selloff many have been looking for.

ES now down nearly 25 points and Naz futures down to 1750, down 44 points.
That's a very large gap down. Interesting indeed. Very very interesting. One way or another we should get a very BIG move next week and once I digest the news I'm hopeful I can get a broader sense.

Also, remember - TUESDAY is the FREE class on trading the current market and will be a very special class indeed. So far we have a TON of people emailing me all day today (apparently I'm like a TURKEY, or better).

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Also, just a heads up, Monday's TREND SUCCESS radio show should be AWESOME, it's all about being and living GREEN successfully. Obviously a popular topic and I have some great guests coming on the show.

Next week we're probably going to do a show on the spiritual side of MONEY, but we'll see as I'm waiting to hear back from some very special and cool guests.

If you want to check out the show, go to;

I'm loving doing it, which just goes to show that money ain't everything. I don't make a dime on the show and yet its one of the funnest things I do in my life these days. Who knows, maybe soon I will be persuing a new career. I was actually offered a very cool opportunity business wise the other day and am thinking about it. Cool thing about the dollar basically being worthless you can pick your choice of careers, we'll all be broke! Ka-chango!

In the meantime, as I close this out, the ES is now down 26 points. Tell ya, anyone who went short Wednesday near the close is sitting pretty just about now babies.
It ain't me, but then again, playing for disaster is usually not a good trade to make. Though, clearly not always.

Oh, btw, I'm in Cincy and the news right now is showing the Black Friday lines for Coach, and other retail outlets here already. Have a feeling that IF the Black Friday #s are better then expected we will at least try to eat into this crazy big gap down.

One more note, still keep in an eye on 1.50 on the Euro, right now we are actually down about 2 cents on it, which is a decent size move, but if the dollar does reverse and get recrushed again the market should get that bounce.

Tough to call here, let's see how it plays out and go with the flow!


Michael "Waxie" Parness

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving to you all, I hope your day overflows with good vibes. Life is way too short for it to be any other way.

We'll be back in action 1/2 day on Friday and then full throttle starting next week again, and as always!

Also, there's a FREE "Trading the Current Market" class next Tuesday, if you are interested please email me and I will get you the link;

Thanks and look forward to working with ya after the Gobbles!!!


Michael "Waxie" Parness

Thursday, November 19, 2009

When its time to relax, one Waxie stands clear...

Tell ya, this market is gonna pop very very SOONNNNNN.

Which way you ask? Well, good question and a good question deserves a good answer, don't it?

How about this, since its so close...

If we bust and break below 1100 here we may crawl back down to the 1075 area pretty fast, but more then likely it acts as support baring some bad news and we at least try to taste 1125 area. Tough to trade such a narrow range. I was out all day running errands, but basically my acct was exactly where it was when I left, almost to the dollar (since I was down on the day when I left, I returned to down on the day when I got back!).

Only thing that changed was that the stocks I was down on when I left were up mostly and LVS which I still own 250 calls on, was DOWN!

Thursday watch for a few fades early both ways and then I think the market will probably pick a direction. 1100 is key, and the Nasdaq is right at crucial juncture as well.

I think we want to wait and see if 1100 holds here. First things first. We've held so far, we shall see soon enough!

Remember, its options expiration week, volatility will increase and pin action will become more likely starting...TODAY!



Saturday, November 14, 2009

Monday on Trend Success is POKER SUCCESS show!

Monday night from 7 to 8 pm EST I have a Poker success show on my radio show - "Trend Sucess"

Phil "Unibomber" Laak and Antonio "The Magician" Esfandiari and possibly actress turned Poker Goddess Jennifer Tilly will be on my show this Monday!

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This week's show should be pretty cool, and I'll also be discussing what I see upcoming for the markets, and YOU!

So, tune in Monday for TREND SUCCESS, Poker style!

And, dial in to talk to me and share your stories of success and thoughts about what ya hear and what ya think. In today's world, success now more then ever depends on how you view it!


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Monday, November 09, 2009

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Tonight on my radio show; Trend Success (, I talked a little bit about the carry trade. It's become quite obvious that the main thing now carrying this market is the Carry TRADE.

So, what is a Carry Trade? Basically it's when you can borrow money at very low (now zero) interest, and then use it to invest/buy and leverage in to a vehicle that pays a higher rate. Kinda like borrowing from Peter to pay Paul, except Paul ultimately pays off a whole lot better then Peter could ever have imagined.

It's one of the main reasons that the big powerful investment houses (GS, MS) have made huge hoards of cash trading this market since the bailouts by taxpayers. Basically, they have taken the Fed/Taxpayer money and leveraged it (the same risk trades that got us into this mess to begin with in some cases, though thats oversimplified) and made massive profits which they then pay themselves billions with.

It's basically double taxation all around. At some point people will realize that we've been screwed, but it ain't now. Banks borrow OUR money at next to 0% and then loan it back to US at 6% or higher. When they start taxing US for the money we loaned that is being loaned back at higher rates maybe the Rat isn't in Denmark after all.

Meanwhile, futures are down as I write this. This is a TOUGH market. I am cutting back my lot size because of it. I'd love a nice pullback here so we can ramp into year end, but I'm not counting on it.

So, let's just carry ourselves and keep things hugging the vest, meaning take it a day at a time. Keep an eye on GOOG and AAPL here, they should make new highs shortly and will either reject them or plow through and that should tip the markets hand. Of course, you can probably use S & P and Nasdaq highs same way. A gap down has to be buyable for a fade, but we've been trending both ways seemingly every day. times like this I try to pick my spots and trade lighter then normal.

I will say, as I said on my show tonight, once that carry trade unwinds we are going to get the mother of all selloffs.


Michael "Waxie" Parness

It's pretty ingenious and basically the taxpayer is the tool in the end cause we'll be "carried" to the ER with heart attacks when our taxes go through the roof.

So, as long as the US DOllar stays weak then the carry trade could conceivably stay in effect. Think of it this way, would you rather have your money in US currency, or in a rising stock market? Maybe the stock market will go down - MAYBE - but we KNOW the US Dollar is tank city in the long and probably short haul.

So, that's why when people ask me how high we can go, I have no idea, seriously. I thought we'd pull back last week post FOMC, and clearly I was wrong and got slammed because of it. Hey, shat happens, it's part of the game, even I ain't always right, no shot, no one is.

Having said that, today's move was all off the G20 saying that they are going to keep the printing presses rolling and as long as that happens, you have a carry trade going.

Having said that, there are signs that this rally is waning even as we made new highs today on the year on the DOW. Volume has gone down over the last few days trading as we continue to rise.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Ka-chango...and other strange stories of lost and found...

OK, so clearly the only thing I was right about today was UUP, which had a super move for Option Traders as the calls went almost 75% in a single day. THAT is a nice trade.

However, I didn't fare so well as when I woke up the futures were already flying. I made some money fading RIMM and CSCO off the open, but everything else I had was smashed.

Sucks when you're on the wrong side of things, and a trader is often that way. For every million I've made I've probably lost several, but the bottom line is that it's a marathon, not a sprint and in the long run a good trader should provide the bacon, and the cheese.

The carry trade that you keep hearing about is very powerful here. Many technicians and good traders are dumbfounded. I have to say that the last two weeks have been tough trading even for me. For us to have the kind of intense trend day up, with no gap fade, off yesterday's close is rather surprising. Yeah, I know the employment #s were "good" or better then expected, but 200+ points and reclaiming 10k off them? Hmm, the carry trade is all that really is playing out here. As long as the dollar falls and there is no sign of interest rates rising, the market could very well continue higher and higher. Is it a bubble? Yeah, of course it is, but so what? The market can stay in a bubble far longer then you can stay short it waiting for it to be rationale, that's why it doesn't pay to be too biased, like I was headed into today! Oouch.

I the meantime, Friday has more employment #s which should beat easily, and typically the market on Friday follows the move on Thursday FOMC week and trends the same way. I expect a gap up if #s are good, and then probably chop around but probably finish green again. But, I'll wait before making any big bets this time.

If the trend holds true, then next week we will reverse off this weeks post-FOMC move and head lower, potentially to that magic S & P 1000 #. Having said that, I mean, its hard to have conviction to the downside in this market, EVERY move down gets bought and as we head to year end we could easily just head higher.

I will say that when this carry trade does unwind we really should get a huge down move that is gonna shake a lot of people. That should happen as soon as rates head higher. Here now its iffy, and 10k is still in play. Also, overhead if we head higher look at the recent yearly highs as 1st line of real resistence (1075 actually before that) and if we break the highs then 1150 could be a heart beat away.

We shall see, we shall see soon enough!


*Monday I have a GREAT guest on Trend Success on and I'm really excited. Hopefully you guys and gals have checked out the show, its on podcast at

Keep rockin'


Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The sound on the bus goes round and round, round and round...

Wowsa, talk about whipsaw. Here is the logic of the market for ya;

We gap up, fade off the open and cause the ISM #s weren't so hot, then rally like mad dogs to up 130s, then pull in a wee bit into FOMC but still near the highs.

Then the Fed says EVERYTHING and MORE then the market could ever hope for, we catch the fade of the spike up, then we spike back up, then down, then up to highs and then we completely roll over in the final 1/2 hour and the Nasdaq closes red, and the DOW barely green.

Plus, the dollar, which I have to tell ya I went long WAY WAY WAY too early and got smacked HARD on that trade, spikes lower and it looks like the Euro is going to new all-time highs vs the dollar and then it too roll over quite a bit to close the day like crap.

Then CSCO reports earnings and blows out and guides up and the stock spikes a lot higher and the futures rally hard...

and now, as I write this, the dollar is higher, the futures look miserable and what the hell is a trader to do?

OK, so here's the dealio. I think you have to lean lower and still short any spikes, thats what the tape is saying. However, one thing I've been learning the hard way at times is that swinging stuff here hasn't panned out that well, so I am starting to look minute to minute. What's that mean? Well, I went home net pretty short. I own puts on VNO, SPG and BAC and calls on FAZ and SRS. I'm also long the dollar. Thing is, if we do gap down decently I'm going to have to consider, at least, selling half or all my position and waiting to see how we trade from there. This market is up for grabs and the volume is just so low that it's tough to get any traction either way. It almost seems like these days the proper game plan intraday is to see where we are at lunch and then fade that bias. It's been working fairly well lately. This market trades on such light volume that it gets pushed around based on what it feels second to second. It's a very sensitive market, and that needs to be respected. Taking too big a bias into a day only hurts you.

Capital preservation remains paramount.

In the meantime, watch what the central bank in Europe does tomorrow am. If they start tightening then the dollar should really get an extended move higher as I suspect. If they don't, then the dollar bears may get their candy for a while longer as the dollar could go even lower. It's interesting reading pundits all over and listening to Booyahhead say that the "Bears" as though they are some mythical creature, sorta like the Lochness monster or somethin', as though these Bear beings really give a crap about arguements for or against the market going higher or lower. Any good trader trusts his gut and its fixated on being a Bear or Bull. Yes, there are people who are BEARISH, but as far as I know the only "Bears" are either in the forest, in freezing tempatures, in a zoo, or in Chicago. The rest is hogwash.

Watch Gold here, it looks way way way overextended. I woulda liked to have seen it go over $1100 to get short for a quick trade, but it still may and I wouldn't hold a swing on GOld short if you paid me hard cash, or GOld. It's just such a beast.

It really comes down to the dollar. If the dollar continues lower, we are going higher, if the dollar stengthens, we are going lower, period. Mark it down, its worked like a charm for a while now.

Europe should tighten. I'm not sure they will, but they should. It's really in no one's best interest that we have a weak dollar as I've discussed many many times, but certainly it's not in Europe's best interest and it's not in China's either. I suspect they still tighten and support the dollar. The Euro goes to $2 or something close, you'll see a very bad US economy, potentially even worse then we've had. That will not be good, not at all.

I stick to the deflation followed by inflation theory I've had for a while and that's what seems to be playing out. That supports a higher dollar followed by a much much lower one.

Thanks for all who tuned into my radio show on I'm getting my feet wet and really enjoy it. Next Monday coming up I have a VERY cool guest, and we have some really powerful guests upcoming from there. I'm taking it very seriously.

Also, please be advised, the January Effect list time of year is almost here! Last year's list went 15 of 16 and ROCKED! Many people said they made HUGE and so did I. Some of the option plays were TREMENDOUS.

So, get ready, we'll be offering the list out in about 2 to 3 weeks - ARE YOU READY???

You should be, I think it's gonna ROCK!

See ya on the other side,


Monday, November 02, 2009

Tonight 7 to 8 pm EST on CBS' online radio -

Please tune in tonight from 7 to 8 pm EST. Go to;

My show is called - TREND SUCCESS

you can click on the link to listen in and watch as well. Also, please call in with some positive vibes!



Sunday, November 01, 2009

You gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em...and now is the time to fold 'em...

S & P should see below 1000 shortly, Nasdaq almost a sure thing to see below 2000, and below 1900 more then likely before any real sustainable bounce comes along.

While I could be wrong, it seems unlikely we aren't done for now. We're basically done with the majority of meaningful earnings and I'm not sure why anyone would want to own stuff new, or not take profits on stuff they are up or recouped from.

You'd have to be insane, and while I think that investors are insane for letting someone else handle their money, but even so holding GOOG here at $550 area, where's it going? $600? So, you want to risk a trip to $400 for a potential pop to $600? Good luck to ya. And, GOOG would be one of the better examples of stocks that should hold up relatively well. I like the REIT's lower here, but let's see what shakes Monday. Futures started a lot lower tonight but have rebounded and are GREEN across the board here into the open tomorrow. I think a gap up is a must short baring news of some sort, but anything remains possible. The gaps have been pretty putrid lately as last week we basically had trend days every day and not much of a bounce post open, or a drawdown if we gapped up. This week may provide a reversal of fortune, and I do think we have officially changed the game here and look like the near term top is in.

Keep watching the dollar, that's a KEY and should remain so. I don't see any reason the dollar won't continue to get a bounce, particularly since most people don't think it can. It's interesting that the speak about the dollar mirrors the speak about the market up til now, no one thinks the dollar can sustain any type of rally, same as no one thought the market could. That should indicate some more decent upside for the dollar.

As I always say, nothing goes in a straight line, folks, if you have profits as an investor don't give them all back, I would take at least some off and wait for a better reentry, even if I'm wrong so what? You got an amazing bounce/rally, don't be a hog and squeal like a pig.

If I'm right we should see S & P below 1000, potentially this week. If I'm wrong, watch 1050 as 1st big resistence, then 1075 and then we'd probably retest the recent highs and if we bust them and hold all bets are off and blue skies are in store. I don't see that happening, but hey, I've been wrong many times before and I'm sure I'll be wrong many times from here.

My 1st TREND SUCCESS radio show debuts tomorrow/Monday night 7 to 8 pm EST.

The show airs on CBS online radio channel;

I'm going to follow up this post with some info about it tomorrow, but the show will be themed; SUCCESS...

it will have a stock focus for about 1/2 the show (the 1st half, with probably 10 minutes at the end as well for some calls stock specific) and the rest of the show will feature people from all walks of life who will discuss what it means to be a success in their chosen field, both professionally and personally.

Our 1st guest is a professor at Carnegie Mellon who works with some very very cool stuff, some of it straight out of a Star Trek episode. Bear in mind that the 1st couple I'm going to be just getting my feet wet and I hope by the 3rd or 4th episode the show will be really smooth. I have some seriously fantastic guests lined up, including some pretty huge names potentially, so check the show out, give a call in to say hi and wish me luck, or send me emails offering suggestions on guests.

Also, if you or someone you know would like to be on the show to share some success stories, please send me an email with the ideas;

Thanks and look forward to ruling the week with ya!

Go to; to check out the show tomorrow TREND SUCCESS from 7 to 8 pm EST!


Michael "Waxie" Parness

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Like BUTTER...

That's what we did to all the supports, we sliced through them like BUTTER!

Now we look like a sure shot to S & P below 1000 potentially short term.

Having said that, GDP #s tommorrow 8:30 am and a main contributor to the drawdown today was Goldman saying GDP #s will be below consensus. So, the big question is, do we buy the news? I think so, I think as long as GDP is 2.5% or above, even if it misses the 3.2% estimate, we should get a VERY nice squeeze on the news. That's what I'm playing for, wrong or right.

If GDP is worse then 2.5% then I'm not sure and will play it by ear. I preface this by saying that I still think the game has changed and we are now in a BEARISH phase and on any squeeze we should be looking to reshort and reset the shorts.

Futures up here as I write this, but that is unlikely to last, Asia crushed and Europe likely to open down as well. And, fear about the GDP should outweight bargain hunters. They tried to prop us up Wednesday but were unable to, I do think it will be a nice setup if we gap down off those #s as stated above. I'm looking at the high Beta names to trade for the bounce. Key is money management, so setting stops if wrong is paramount. Also, don't overstay your welcome if we're right, hit and run baby, hit and run!

New range being carved out is much lower, S & P 1000 to 1050 now, from the 1050 to 1100 level were just at last week and until a couple days ago.

Just think that the way we are selling is fund related, not shorts and not traders. That's a bad sign for the market, people are taking profits here, it had to happen at some point. Have we seen highs of the year? I'd guess no, but for now I want to position myself with the crowd and that seems to be signaling another leg DOWN for this market on this move, even if we get the squeeze I think we will tomorrow. That's what makes trading, folks!

Either way, RULE and remember to sign up for - Michael "Waxie" Parness on Facebook and Trendfund on Twitter...

Michael "Waxie" Parness RULE

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

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Why does this pullback smell a wee bit different?

ANSWER - cause it is.

Wednesday is a KEY day. If we can't mount a real bounce, not one of these phoney intraday BS ones, then we may be under 1050 on S & P, which is where the next real support comes into play here. Trip down to 1000 from there if that doesn't hold.

Dollar looks like it can run a bit, though they are using any rally to pile in short more. If there are any positive comments out of the Fed in support of the US Dollar it'll create a MASSIVE squeeze.

I don't think I've commented on the whole bank pay issue. I'm tired so I won't belabor it for now, but I am starting to wonder if this administration has actually started it's term. Maybe they still think Bush is in office? Maybe they all went hunting with Cheney. Whatever it is, I just don't get how these people make so many gaffes. Hey, I ain't remotely perfect, but doesn't it seem odd that in the same breath that they speak about "too big to fail" they continue to set things up so that only the few elite institutions (companies) can thrive? It has to be an across the board regulation, or none at all. I vote for across the board.

C, AIG, BAC and 4 others were singled out, with the logic being that the WFC, JPM, GS, MS of the world have repaid TARP and thus shouldn't be regulated.

Really? OK, so now what you are doing is two very bad things;

1)You are making it so that all the top people at C, AIG, BAC, et al end up at one of the elite firms because they can get paid outrageously.

2)You reward these companies that wouldn't even exist were it not for taxpayer/bailout monies, and in the case of GS and MS (GS in particular) they helped CREATE the very instruments of mass destruction that brought the countries economy to our knees.

The very same institutions that created derivatives that netted their firm and shareholders BILLIONS. Their execs BILLIONS in bogus bonuses, and now they get paid off AGAIN under the flawed logic that they should be allowed to do as they please because they "repaid" the taxpayers/us.

That is ridiculous to say the least and possibly the most flawed logic I've heard in a long time. How do you reward these firms? How are they not the ones on trial? I'm sorry, if you or I did any of these things we'd be facing the electric chair, or at the very least tasered, man.

Here is what has now been created;

1)These firms create derivatives, and help bring down the entire financial system as we know it, causing MILLIONS to suffer and causing the worst economic malestorm since the Great Depression.

2)They all but the very very elite go under, thus creating a monopoly basically, they let LEH and BSC fail, but they save GS and MS and WFC and GE and JPM.

3)On the day when GS and MS were surely going UNDER the government decides they now are going to rush in and save the markets, and GS gets a huge bounce, as does MS.

4)We give these firms taxpayer monies because their debt and derivatives levels are off the charts, again thus keeping them in business.

5)We reward them by letting them repay taxpayers at meager rates, and thus open the door for them to raise bonuses and pay to execs, and taking $16 BIL from AIG.

6)At the very least these companies should have given taxpayers a fair return on our money. They used our money to trade their way to BILLIONS in profits. Did anyone read their 10K's? Much of the profit was TRADING profits, not underwriting and such. Simple logic would dictate that US taxpayers should have gotten at the very least a legit hedge fund payout, which would be 75 to 80% of the profits. Instead, what did we get? Our money back plus a drizzle of interest?

7)They continue to borrow money at nearly 0% interest and then gauge depositors and taxpayers with absurd interest rates so that they can scramble to repay TARP. Why? Not because they want to repay tax payers, no no way, but rather so they can then pay outrageous bonuses and get out from under taxpayer thumbs.

I don't know, everyone I know, including me, makes a helluva lot less then we did a few years, or even last year. Where is it written that bankers and brokers should make these crazy salaries while people across the country get booted from their homes and while people lose their jobs at these very same institutions?

Look, I believe that if you generate money you should make as much money as possible, but the issue is that the profits generated were and still are phoney. And, many are just appointed to posts and haven't made anything for the firm.

yet, what do we do? We make C get rid of a top notch trader who actually added value and profits to C bottom line, helping to repay taxpayers because he justifiably made money and should get paid for his talents.

Did someone say "ass backwards knuckleheadedness?"

Yeah, it was me - waxie.

In the meantime as I write futures have now turned red. I suspect we try to rally at some point Wednesday, we may even hold it and squeeze, it is the 4th day and that often times is the day we bounce. But, I doubt it'll last.

The pullback smells a wee bit different, we'll see if it ends up tasting different as well, or if its just an excuse for buyers to rush in for the so-called "bargains".

Watch V earnings reaction, stock gapped down large off earnings, but then popped to nicely green fast, some like LVS may do same. Also watch $15 level on BAC as that is key for that stock.


Michael "Waxie" Parness

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Did ya catch that late day crash? I have to admit, I didn't see it coming. I thought we'd rally right into the close and top 1100 and stay there for a day. NOT quite as Dick Bove, the famed analyst who kept saying that LEH was a BUY right up to the day it went under came out and said WFC is a SELL. That was after in the am he said that WFC and MS would lead the financials higher for the day.

Sweet! The beauty of being an analyst, I guess.

In the meantime, today's selloff SHOULD be meaningful. Normally I'd be way way way short off the close today, but it's tough to do that in this market, so I'd rather just wait til tomorrow.

I had a very nice morning so I finished well green on the day, but needless to say I was up a helluva lot more early then I was late and end of day.

EBAY's #s sucked, but the stock didn't really sell off huge. This market just gives out more and more mixed messages. THough, once again, the GAP FADE worked wonderfully as we gapped down and then cranked. I made most of my money for the day on that move. I guess I shouldn't quit right after that, but that's not my style and we did look higher, until we didn't of course.

Thursday I would be shorting any early strength. Baring some news we should get some follow through to the downside. I don't want to overstay my welcome any more then I did today, that's for sure and would rather play it close to the belt until we get smoother sailing either way.

I'll be out most of tommorrow but will be around late day to do a market cast class around end of trading day. Stay tuned!



Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Market mayhem...

So, when does Gold hit $2500? When does the stock market hit 25,000?

And, when does the US Dollar hit 10% of its current value?

There is a direct correlation between all.

It's interesting, I am asked literally every day about GOLD now. I used to never get asked that. When I called GOLD to $400 when it was low $200s, then $500 when it hit $400 and then $1000 from there, no one really cared to even think about it. At the time I had bought 100 ounces of Gold in the $200s. Obviously I wish I had bought 1000 ounces, but isn't that always the case?

I am recommending Real Estate now. I don't own much, mind you, but I think its worthwhile to own some if you are an investor now. I didn't feel that way until recently as most of you know, but with the dollar cratering eventually hard assets have to go up and Real estate is definately a hard asset.

Having said that, I expect the Fed to make a stand for the dollar like they used to do with the Yen when Japan had all its issues a few years ago. Other countries that have US debt (read CHINA) aren't going to let the dollar just up and die and become worthless so fast. Eventually? They may not have a choice, but for now? No shot.

The setup that the government is fatally flawed. If you devalue the dollar you increase the stock market which further seperates the "haves" for the "have nots", the distinction becomes even more apparent. You are rewarding the very people and institutions that have brought this country to the verge of civil unrest, and insolvency. It's so insane it would make Machavelli smile and give everyone at the big brokerages and banks high fives.

Most people in this country are not invested in the stock market in any kind of real way. The people who are are the rich. Did you notice how nervous both houses were when the stock market cratered last year? I mean, do ya think it had anything to do with their net worth, or they really gave crap about the common folk? Hmmm.

Yeah,I know I'm jaded, sucks. But, its unfortunately the way it is. It's reality. I wish it weren't so. Same as I wish the Mets didn't suck so bad and they were actually the Yankees. That would be really cool, and really a fantasy that can't ever happen.

The falling dollar hurts everyone except those that have enough to weather it. They can then swoop in and further destroy the class(es) economically below them by buying up all the land and then charging them more to rent it out from them. It's very disturbing. So much so that even someone with a couple mil needs to worry. The term millionaire used to have some meaning, now it just means middle class.

The market has to go up as long as the dollar weakens. It is now officially pegged to the dollar. It'll be interesting to see what WFC and MS do post earnings tomorrow.

I would watch DRYS here as well. That sector is a notable laggard and it will have to get going if we are going to get another leg higher. I'm unsure here, this market is very schizoid. I like trading it intraday, but swinging stuff other then a couple earnings plays is difficult to do. AAPL on a break and hold over $200 mid-day should lead it over $204 and there it becomes blue skies breakout city and $225 may be next stop. I am not long it, no shot, just observing. I wasn't there for most of the wedding, I don't want to be there if it dies and has a funeral. I've sat Shiva enough the last year, trust me.

In the meantime, let's see what shakes out, earnings are still working. Watch EBAY with YAHOO's move it should get some momo into its own earnings if YHOO holds up, which is a big if, but it very well may.

I'm also eyeing the casino's for a reentry on LVS. I'd love $15 as a entry, we'll see soon enough as the market tips its hand!



Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm on at 9:20 pm est TONIGHT

On the "Political Chick" show on CBS online radio with Lisa Chase to dish on Real Estate and the markets.

Tune in and find out what up...



Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Did the DOW hit 10,000 this week?

Hmm, just checking.

Wheeeee. Nice catch, very very nice indeed! We are ROCKIN' and I must say that I am lovin' spoonful it, to say the least...

In the am GS is next in line to blow out. I guess anything is possible, maybe the FED told GS to miss on purpose so they don't get the public backlash they are about due. Maybe, but probably not. Oh, well, one can hope that people catch on to the nightmare before Christmas that Wall Street has become. Total joke, but what can ya do, other then try to rake in the BIG Ka-chingos! Nada, baby, nada.

It's so cool listening to the talking heads just go on and on about the amazing turnaround that only exists in fiction. Maybe "Where the Wild Things Are" really refers to the analysts on Wall Street. Good thing the movie opens this weekend so perhaps they will stay on screen and away from the boozin' and the losin'.
This rally just keeps chuggin' away in a total confluence of oddity, shock and awe, windows dressing mark-ups, earnings runners and lowered expectations leading to phoney blowouts. Very very cool, very very manipulated and very very profitable if ya listen to the TRENDS.

So now we're over 10,000 and we're off to 11,000, right? Perhaps, perhaps not. It'll totally depend on what the rest of earnings season looks like. It should be interesting for you guys and gals to note that the stocks blowing out are the ones UNDER performing the market. That's the way this works and it should be duly noted. It's better to buy GOOG on INTC blowout then it is to buy INTC on INTC blowout. Why? Because regardless of whether INTC goes to $25 like the booyahheads of the world say, GOOG hasn't reported yet, so the fantasy is still intact that GOOG could really destroy earnings, which they probably will. INTC already destroyed them, so there isn't any excitement. Same with JPM, GS was up a helluva lot more, and even MS was up more and neither of them is a sure thing to blow out (wink, wink!).

So, the key, I've found over the years, is to "front run" earnings. Get stuff before everyone piles in. Not after.

Watch IBM and GOOG. IBM almost always crushes, but the stock is up sick, so is GOOG which days ago was under $500 and is now rushing toward $550.

It's interesting, or warped, that many stocks are either close to or over (JPM,IBM,INTC) where they were before the crisis hit. It's as though it never happened, as though their businesses are actually in better shape then they were pre-meltdown. It's ridiculous, but this is why we have an edge.

Just remember, as always, it's all BS and the best thing you can do is remember that - it's all BS!

If you do that, you can make money in the market. If you don't then you're just another victim, a statistic since most investors lose money in the end. Don't be one of the dummies, please.


See ya on the other side of dumminess -

Michael "Waxie" Parness

*If you have any Yankee tics please email me, I'm interested -

Monday, October 12, 2009

Marketcast...HOW TO SIGN UP!

Several asked for info on how to sign up...

Below you will find a description of the MarketCast (aka After Market Wrap) with Michael “Waxie” Parness and a link to a 2 week Free Trial.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

DOW 10,000 coming to a theater near you...THIS WEEK!

I will be shocked if the DOW doesn't hit 10,000 this week. SHOCKED.

There ya have it, no fuss, no muss, we will hit 10,000 this week on the DOW. What's it mean? Nothing, but it'll make a nice BS headline and give the talking heads something to talk about, that's always pleasant.

Now, it is possible that we don't, of coursee, I just will be shocked for several reasons.

#1 - this close almost always means we hit a solid round # mark like that.

#2 - We have INTC, GS, GOOG, and other earnings this week and they all should be well above consensus. What competition does GS have now? ZERO, they killed everyone else off in the greatest scheme of all time. It makes the Raid on Entebe (sp?) look like child's play. INTC and GOOG are trading like they are gonna blow out. I think it pretty safe to assume we get a further bump baring some really bad news, or if the Fed comes out and says that they are going to support the US Dollar with all their might and stop printing money as though it were cream cheese.

Seems unlikely, doesn't it?

I think its fairly safe to start playing stuff into earnings, or if you are a client, just keep doing what we've been doing. JPM, BAC both report this week as well. So does C which could get a very nice bump as well.

Remember also, Options Expiration week trends to have an upward bias, and either way has a TRENDING bias, meaning it usually goes one way or the other for 3 or 4 days and has a reveral often the other day(s) that can trend as well. So, should be a very nice trading week for us.

If you haven't checked out the Marketcast that I do twice a week, I urge you to do so! I think you'll find it well worthwhile and you get to hear me twice a week live, and on camera (scary as that may be to some).

Also, get ready, I'm doing a new Radio show on; The show is going to focus on SUCCESS and not just stocks (though stocks will be a big part of it). The idea is to discuss and chat about how one becomes sucessful in any and all aspects of their lives, including money, job (if you're happy in your job money is less important, sometimes, I think, hehe), relationships, sex, etc.

I'm also going to be doing a "pitch" portion of the show where you can call in and pitch an idea to me and experts in different fields. So, if you have an idea please email me at - and if I like it we'll get you on the line on the show to pitch the idea. Now, before you tell me that you're worried I'll steal your idea, I wouldn't. And, before you are worried about someone else stealing your idea, well, the show Shark Tank is an example of why that isn't a valid concern, really. If you have an idea you need to get it out there and if you get it out there to the right people then we can hopefully help you get it done. If it stays in your head, well, then what's the point anyway?

Email me at - with any and all ideas and if you want to be a guest on the show and have a book, show, idea, or story you think will interest others as far as the theme of SUCCESS goes, please by all means email me ASAP and I will see if it fits.

The show will air live from 7 to 8 pm EST every Monday starting in two weeks on, again - It's CBS's new online radio station and it airs across AOL and YAHOO and is building momentum. I'm very excited about doing it.

Also, keep it on your calander because stock wise we will have things to discuss every show, and I'll point out setups I see, etc. And, I'll try to have cool guests stock wise as well. If you are a stock analyst or trader with a story, email me that as well. I'm open to just about anything that is interesting, so give me a shout! I'll get back to you right away regardless either way.

Very exciting indeed, please do put it on the calenar and send me your thoughts!

RULE and watch EARNINGS, they will provide direction, if we start to sell off all these stocks post earnings it will foretell a market top more then likely. If they keep going, then DOW 10,000 may be just a start! One viewer here noted that AA is now below where it closed pre-earnings. That's very true and we'll see if that trend (well, not a trend, but...we'll see if it becomes one!) continues.


Email me about the show, or anything else!

Michael "Waxie" Parness