Saturday, November 14, 2009

Monday on Trend Success is POKER SUCCESS show!

Monday night from 7 to 8 pm EST I have a Poker success show on my radio show - "Trend Sucess"

Phil "Unibomber" Laak and Antonio "The Magician" Esfandiari and possibly actress turned Poker Goddess Jennifer Tilly will be on my show this Monday!

Tune in or call in to speak to me toll free 1-877-242-8212...

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This week's show should be pretty cool, and I'll also be discussing what I see upcoming for the markets, and YOU!

So, tune in Monday for TREND SUCCESS, Poker style!

And, dial in to talk to me and share your stories of success and thoughts about what ya hear and what ya think. In today's world, success now more then ever depends on how you view it!


Michael "Waxie" Parness

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