Friday, December 25, 2009

And, the hits keep coming and coming and...

Merry Christmas all, hope everyone enjoyed the festivities. I sure did! My kids and I saw the Sqweakquil (is that how you spell it). Plus Santa brought them a whole host of goodies. My 8 year old is getting a little suspect, she asked me if I was going to sneak and put the presents under the tree. I think she knows there isn't a Santa coming down our Chimney (we don't have one) and it would take a lot for him to fit into our window that has a 1/2 inch hole to pop through --- maybe.

Yes, we celebrate it all here in the Waxiehood, as long as it involves giving my kids presents I'm all for it. Tonight we have a sleepover with their 3rd sister and I'm only up because there was a very silly dispute over sleeping spaces. It's funny how it seems so serious these things to a child, and five minutes later they are all kissing and telling each other they love each other. Ah, to be a child again and experience the magic. It happens and its a good thing I have sleeping bags up the wazoo to accomadate.

This weekend my entire family is in from around the globe,,,sort of, at least if you consider Cincinnati another country.

As far as the market, I had my bestest week in a while and am enjoying the fruits of that. It certainly helps to have some Ka-chingos right before buying presents. My youngest says to everyone that if I need money all I have to do is press buttons on my computer. Were that only true, I'd be retired rather then blogging at 1 am on a Friday night.

But, its nice when things align and you get a sweet list or two. Both the January Effect list and the Window Dressing list are ROCKING hard, and I do mean HARDCORE hard!

The testimonials are coming in fast and furious cause the January Effect list is just SICK so far with profits being booked on some already! In fact, some of the stocks listed below were up dramatically more on Thursday before the close! AONE, STEC and WFR. If my math is correct then we have a 200% gainer, and (2) roughly 100%gainers now, though I will try to do the math and update as we go.

Here is a testimonial from the other day (results have not been verified, but the testimonial is 100% legit);

From: h*(*&(*

Sent: Thursday, December 24, 2009 10:20 AM


Subject: Re: Window Dressing 2009 Archived Link and List of Window Dressing Stock Ideas

You want a testimonial??

AONE calls up 21%
STEC calls up 160%
CGA calls up 46%
UNG calls up 38%
WFR calls up 54%

Keep on rockin'



The Window Dressing list started off with a bang as well, with GOOG up sweetly, AAPL going NUTS, and several others performing admirably as well. We'll see what happens from here, I hate to count my sheep before they cross the road, or something like that, but owning AAPL, GOOG and AMZN calls has been very sweet indeed. If you haven't checked out the MARKET CAST service that I do every week, you should. I'll give ya a free two week trial if you send me an email;

That's only available to those who have never taken a trial to the service before*

Also, have you checked out the TRENDCRUSHER.COM software yet? 2-week free trial there as well, check it out and let me know what you think. Steele, the developer, will be on my radio show Monday @

In the meantime, let's see if we can close this year out on a high note and really get this market to bust out as we called! I said we'd be where we are, and wha-la, even a blind waxie can find a few ka-chingos once in a while! BAMM! BAMM! BAMM!

This coming week it'll be interesting. I have a feeling Gold gets a bump higher. I had stopped out of my oil futures position for a loss on almost the exact low of the week, which sucks, and obviously Oil then ran $5 from there which would have been a VERY sweet ka-chingo, but thats life and trading. Timing is indeed everything.

In the meantime, enjoy this holiday season with friends and family, we all have a ton to be grateful for. A literal TON and I think 2010 is gonna ROCK even better, we got a HUGE inflow of clients from our STOCKING STUFFER offers, if you want to receive the offers email me;, or and we'll get you the list of special offers!

Just an fyi, in January I'll be on and off here, still suffering from accident, and still working hard to get through it. I'm taking some time off - off and on to try to finally put it behind me. It might take a while longer, but I'm confident it'll be fine in the end. I also got offered an AMAZING opportunity outside trading which I've taken and which I am hoping will allow a bigger footprint in the trading world in the end.

I also want to say that the high road never looked better and remember that in the end all you have is your integrity. You should treat it with respect and it will reward you if you do.

Til next week, or at least Sunday night, make sure you eat hardy and ROCK ON!


Michael "Waxie" Parness


tjedwin said...

Dear Sir,

I would like to learn trading and plan to start as soon as possible.

I all ready purchased your trading video.

Where should I start?

Please help and advise.

Warm regards,

Waxie said...

Edwin, check out the free trial at;

you can also email me @

I'm happy to help if I can.

Best always