Wednesday, December 16, 2009


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Did ya see C after hours? Oouch to shareholders, including me since I totally misread that Piece of crapola. Will need a miracle cure to get it back to $3.50 by Friday. Amazing, the government did everything except offer to buy the whole bank out and they still can't get more then $3.15 a share.

Stock trading down to $3.21 after hours. At least we caught BRCM calls today for a VERY sweet ka-chingo!

Tomorrow we start to look for some PIN ACTION for Options Expiration and I'll be holding a class on that shortly again, so stay tuned!




beach2788 said...

Hello, With Bernake receiving "Man of the Year" for Time magazine, I would a comment on this.

Also now Warren Buffet is being praised again as the ultimate trader with his large credit put spread he did near the end of 2008, that could have bankrupted his fund, but instead made billions.
I think he lucked out.
Comment from Waxie?

Thank you.

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