Monday, December 22, 2008


I've decided that the world is going to end soon, so I'm going on vacation. My new call is DOW 0.

Gold 0.

In the meantime, I need a break to reenergize, so I'll be gone through the holidays. I wish you all a Happy and Healthy, whatever you believe.

PLEASE do not email me, I'm taking off and won't read them, so you are wasting your breath.

It's really kinda amazing how many people actually think the world is going to end. I mean, I guess its possible, though it seems unlikely, and if that's the case then that's one prediction that if you are right there isn't any way to get a HIGH 5 from anyone! You'll be dead, too!

In the meantime, this market is putrid, and I'm in need of some R & R. If I get up the energy to say something significant I'll do so. You guys know I probably will, I can't keep my mouth shut, hehe!

In the meantime, I take back the 0 call. I'll stick with 4500, then 2500 on the DOW and let a few of us survive. I'm beat, so if the world is gonna end, please make sure that its done while I'm sleeping, I don't really like blood, I might pass out and seeing people melt is a very messy thought.

And, no, I'm not making fun of anyone's belief system, I just don't see the point of predicting the end of the world. It's one of those things that if it happens, well, what can ya do? I've been through worse. The first girl I ever asked out said NO and laughed at me. We were playing Pinball at the Bungalow colony I went to, and I was SO into her. I mean, I asked everyone how I should do it, and everyone was like "dude, she'll say yes, she totally digs you". Well, she clearly didn't and that kinda sucked. She went out with this dude who musta watched a few too many Happy Days episodes cause he had a cigarette pack under his sleeve. He was an "older man". I was like 12 or 13 and this guy, I now know, was a pedifile since he was over 18. I shoulda had his sorry ass arrested back then. If I wasn't so crushed I would have.

So, there you have it, if the world ends, its cool, I've dealt with FAR worse.

Happy Holidays to all and to all a good night!

Oh, one thing, so this chick (she went from being a girl to a chick), so when I was like 19 I was helping a buddy throw parties at a club in NYC and I was working the door and I hear this voice "Michael! Michael!" (that's my real name, I wasn't born a Waxie!). And, so like I turn around and I knew I knew that voice but couldn't place it. Well, there was PT (to protect the innocent I'll refrain from naming names) and she had this big and I mean BIG hairdo and it was ORANGE, I mean BRIGHT orange. And, she had these really big nails. And she runs up to me and hugs me and says that she had always thought about me and regretted not going out with me and she asks for my number and says we should go out.

Me? I said - nah, dudess (well, I didn't say dudess, but you get my drift). I said, nah, that's ok, I'm busy.

And, that's why I'm saying, what goes around, comes around. And, the way she dressed, it was like Michael Jackson on steroids, with BRIGHT organge hair, and really long nails. She even had the gloves.

So, there ya have it. The end of the world don't scare me, but a woman with HUGE BRING ORANGE HAIR WITH REALLY LONG NAILS does!

See ya on the other side,

Michael WAXIE Parness

*Make sure you don't give back your profits in this muck, low volume moves are exaggerated and you don't want to blow hard earned profits in this mucka muck. RULE!


ROY said...

Dear Waxie,

have a fantastic holiday bro, u deserved that! Any indicative date when you will be back?


sanjay said...

Why were these short ETFS like sh, sds, dog down so huge today while the market was down too.Most of them [sh,sds,dog,qid] gapped down almost 15% and stayed down ?Anyone?

Ozzie said...

Have a great time off and lets celebrate the world ending!!!!!

Best to you and your family!

Ozzie in Miami

Orlando Lee Stevenson said...

Waxie, Been busy too.

Enjoy your candor and appreciate your perspective. I'm also looking forward to improving my game a couple of levels with Trend Fund coaching in 2009.



GeoFilm said...

Hmmm, interesting to hear more people talking about the world's end. It's only going to change, which means new opportunities and new adventures. All the best George