Friday, December 05, 2008



We completely obliterated the market AGAIN!!!!

Another day, another HUGE $ day is all I have to sayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

Have I said recently how much I LOVE this market? How about THAT gap fade? WOWSA!

Let's see, we called;

OIH long
CHK long
BIDU long
CENX long
UPL long
RTP long
RIO long
AA long
AFL long
AB long
V long

All at or right off their lows!!!

Clients are going BALLISTIC! My account has gone ballistic! IT IS EN FUEGO!!!!

OK, if it wasn't Friday I wouldn't be so boastful, but I am going to Yoga in a bit so I will relax, just very excited about this market and our ability to navigate it! We are simply killing this market. I told you we bottomed for the year, gap downs are infinately buyable here. The bigger the better. On the 10th I'm personally doing the JANUARY EFFECTS class, I suggest you ALL sign up for it, there are so many great opportunities and it's got a money back guarantee. Don't miss out what could be the greatest January Effect EVER, and that's not an exageration! Will it? Tune in to find out and learn how to RULE THE FREAKIN' MARKETS with us!

Have a great weekend, I have to go Holiday shopping, fortunately I can afford it now!


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jml said...

I am subscribe to "Playing gaps" and did not see any of those trades. What service do you need to sign up for to receive them?