Monday, December 08, 2008


Sprinkle it with dew? The Waxieman can, oh the waxieman can! You can even play the long way!!!! Oh, who can make the market rise? Spirnkle it with profits? Play it short for monster winners and then rock the house with longs? The waxieman, oh the waxieman can!!!

WHEEEEE! Man, I LOVE THIS MARKET!!! Jeez louise, this market is owned by yours truly! WOWSA! I feel the the Fed, printing money!!! Hopefully it'll be worth something when the Fed gets through with all their insanity. Hell, I even had Oil long for a huge gain! Wowsa!

We are SMOKING!!! Dang. OK< enough puffery, let's talk turkey here. We have seen the years bottom, thats pretty clear(baring some news event that blows us up). And, I think there's a good shot we see DOW 10,000s before too long. See, thing is, all your naysayers who sent me emails saying I was wrong, you want to know how I knew YOU were wrong? Because some of you (quite a few) were the same folks who sent me emails saying that I was wrong when I was BEARISH! How's that for indicators!? Hehe. Look, there is no way the market has ultimately "bottomed" thats ridiculous, but for the time being Obama is the Mesiah, and you shouldn't mess with the Mesiah babies. I'm Jewish and I don't mess with the Mesiah, so there ya have it! Hehe! No disrespect to anyone meant, btw.
Today we learned that redefaults are running rampant! These are people who refinanced, or were prodded into doing so by the idiotic powers that be and still couldn't or wouldn't meet their mortgage payments. Why the government doesn't learn from it's mistakes is beyond me. I heard this great saying by Kabal Gibran the other day (he wrote "The Prophet") where he says that pain is something that you shouldn't run or hide from, you should own it and embrace it as it brings you closer to G-d. I like that. We are in such a rush to get out of our economic pain that we are doing anything to medicate it. It's just making things worse ultimately. For me, for our clients, I mean, its awesome, its creating the easiest (knock on wood) market to trade EVER, and in many ways that includes 1999! But, for the economy and for the country, this is horrible, its really really bad, boys and girls. It's so sad to me to watch the entire country get washed into nothingness by people who have no right making these decisions. But, what do I know? I'm just a dude, maybe I'm way off, ya know? Well, actually I do know, so its just a damn shame. I feel like I need to make $100 MIL just to be able to buy a few loathes of bread in the net 3 years! When we need wheelbarrows to buy strawberries then I'll be watching my back. You know why? Because Soilent Green is made of DEAD PEOPLE! And, that's exactly where we may head with the plan these knuckleheads are embarking on. Even Obama. Who with any sense says that they aren't worried about the deficit? That's bonkers. This is the perfect storm #2. Now we have deflation, which is horrid, and then we will have hyperinflation which is horrid.

OK< I gotta go eat and my baby girl just got home, I will see ya all in the am! The January Effect list is rockin' already and remember the actual class is Wednesday and there is still time to sign up NOW!!! DO not delay, email - and we'll get you all set up! In the meantime, remember to rule! I expect we will get some pullin overall tomorrow, but I doubt its horrible, and some stuff will bust out to higher ground. I won't mention names, but I think I will have 1 to 3 more January Effect stocks I think can ROCK higher that I'll give TOMORROW!! Be there or be-ware!


Michael "Waxie" Parness

Oh, yeah, had another killer day, its scaryyyyyyyyy!!! WHEEEEEEEEE

Who can rule the markets? Sprinkle accts with Ka-chingos? Waxieman can, ohhhhhh the waxieman can!

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MichaelAngelis said...

Dude! Too funny!

Ka-chingo in the bank and a chuckle in the morning.

Thanks Waxie!