Sunday, November 30, 2008

Think tank...

I am thinking about putting together a "think tank" of experts in various fields that will deal with a myriad of issues relating to hardship(s). These would include;

1)Economists to come up with ideas on how best to protect assets (and/or grow them, besides trading!)
2)Medical Experts
3)Mental Health professionals on dealing with stress in trying times
4)Law enforcement professionals on dealing with unrest and self defense

Anyone else who has any valuable ideas.

If you feel like you have something valuable to offer email me -

Thanks. Yes, I know, I know, I'm a stock dude, hehe!

OK, I will give you a tip - fade the gap in the am either way, assuming we get a decent one, should work pretty well!




tekprod said...

Good thing we didn't fade the gap... OUCH. Downtrend resumes.

FACTOR R said...

Waxie ,PLAN ? dude there is no plan nothing ,nada ! maybe just stick with you !! buy house ? no,no,no cause I believe that we still have way down to go! and now they are saying that they will gonna put the interest down to 4 may 3% to help homebuyers ?wow what that tell you ? gold,silver,steel or whatever?? in my opinion no,no,no to much risk we just don't know see waxie the up move it is to slow 1 week 1000 points up 1 day down and here we go lost more than 50% just like you I believe invest it is a bad thing now! maybe for people that they have some money they should keep 25% of the capital on the market playing with you or watch the market moment and then buy CONTRA ETF I am up with those guys almost 85% and I am doing this to protect a little bit my money ! market go up I step out and watch ! market going down I go back in and making some money !...Is that crazy ? well what make sense now waxie what ? we have to watch and wait that's my plan ....