Monday, November 24, 2008


This is a good time for you guys and gals to start making lists of stocks that you felt like you missed them on the short side the 1st and 2nd and 3rd go around. I think we will be looking to reshort in the not too distant future, for a trade, and then again after another bounce probably end of Januaryish. That's obviously subject to change, but what I try to do in times like this is look for stocks that are having a counter-trend move so I can re-hop on board to catch the bigger fall, assuming I'm right. The great thing about the markets are they are tradeable forever if you learn to earn using our strategies. Timing is everything. Today I had another GREAT day, one of my best in years, and I've been saying that a lot lately! I LOVE this market, I can't say that enough times. This market is psychotic and we LOVE that. One day up 500, next day down 500, next day up again 500. I mean, how can you not trade this market? I've never seen anything like it, in a lot of ways its a better trading market then even 1999 and 2000! THAT says a TON about how many great opportunities we have day in and day out. You should be taking advantage whilst it lasts!
In the meantime, I want to say thank you all for your testimonials, we've been flooded lately and it means a lot to us at to get them. I find it very gratifying knowing that we're helping people make some of their dreams come true. It's hard out "there" for most of us, and trading is a way to at least develop your own business during a time when no one's job is safe seemingly. As we head into the new year we will be offering several new initiatives that I'll be discussing here in the coming days. #1 on the list is the JANUARY EFFECTS list. I think this year is gonna be awesome for that. #2 is that we are close to launching a MAJOR initiative that I'm very excited about and I will discuss in details by weeks end. It's TOP SECRET, and I think it'll lift us to a whole new level. The new infomercial should debut in February and it's gonna be kick butt! Thank you all for your loyalty, and as we approach Thanksgiving please be safe, healthy and make sure you make enough to pay for not just the Turkey, but the stuffing as well!

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