Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My gawd, how much of my money is this nutty government spending tomorrow?

I feel like every day they just make another crazy deal to spend my money without consulting me (or anyone)!

What's hilarious to me is that the car makers have taken out PAID ADS to tell everyone that they can't be allowed to fail, it'll be a catastrpophe! OK, so first off I think that's absurd, Chicken LIttle is envious of such rubbish.

Secondly, if they are so worried about their finances, WT-FREAK are they doing PAYING for ads to tell us about it! Are you kidding me with this? So, not only are we the taxpayer going to be on the hook for another bailout that can't possibly work (I can't wait for them to tell us that GM is going to make us all money in the end!), but we're also paying for the ads to tell us that we need to do it for our own good! ROFLMAO! Now that would be beyond funny if it wasn't so tragic. Does ANYONE in our government give a freakin' damn about the majority of folks in this country who didnt' do anything to qualify for a bailout? Think about this, let's say you are struggling to get by in your own right, you make $20,000 to $120,000 and to make ends meet and in the $20,000 instance to EAT, and you're going to be on the hook to pay pensions and health care for someone else? Or, you can't pay your rent but you should be responsible to help try to keep someone in their home? What in tarnation is going on? I feel like we're in the twilight zone and Rod Sterling is going to show up in Congress to testify. These people are SO clueless its absurd. And the questions? I mean, my gawd, they are horrible, they are mostly interested in how they come across to their constituency. They are all grandstanding so they look like they care. Really? If you cared so much why didn't you say something BEFORE there was a crisis? Ever hear of preventative measures? Hmm, might want to read up on that, ya know? Unreal. Now, as far as the market, we continue to trade in crazy ranges intraday, which is good for us, and we rocked again. I really love this market. Now, will we get 2 up days in a row Wednesday? We very well might, but its gonna be tough to get any traction here more than likely. I'm beat, talk to you all manana! RULE! Waxie


Spokes0831 said...

Waxie, I just wanted to Thank You for saving me from financial destruction. I love reading your blog, and you are so right on the money on all of this stuff. Although I am not a trader, I find your blog to be well thought of and very creative to say the least. you make it easy for people like me to understand all that is happening. I was one of the guys that actually first saw your posts on an ETRADE message boards and actually signed up for your service in 1999 and 2000 and doubted your call of the nasdaq going to 1800 when it was peaked at somewhere in the neighborhood of 6000's. Boy, was i wrong. I have pretty much given up on stocks since then, being I have not the time or funding to follow the market on a daily basis, with since starting a family. I have a few funds through work, which i pulled out all my money back in August when the sub-prime stuff came to the forefront and followed your advice not to invest. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!! I cant say it enough. I wouldve lost over half its value. You are the only one getting it right! You got it right in the 1999-2000 and you are right on now. No one is calling this like you. I tell everyone about you and your service, for those of my friends who trade. I am happy you put me on the right side of the market and am most gracious.

Ricky said...

Hi Waxie,

i couldn't believe my eyes when i saw those ads just now. What in the world is happening? The auto-makers trying to pressure congress by appealing to the public? The public's probably already so outraged, they're speechless.