Sunday, November 23, 2008

A message to members...

Dear Trend Fund friend,
Just wanted to drop you all a line as my overall bias has been changed
to NEUTRAL. While I am still firmly bearish intermediate and long term,
and stick with my call of DOW under 5000, there is a clear market
indication that Obama is being viewed as some sort of panacea to all
that ails the country. That's a lot of pressure to put on one guy, and
unfortunately overly optimistic and Unrealistic more than likely.
As always I preface that statement by saying I hope I'm wrong. I would
love the economy to be repaired in short order and for us to go be able
to say "all hail Obama", but as good or not-so-good as the new President
is or will become, he's just a dude and the problems we face as a nation
are not going to be cured overnight, and probably not over a year or two
or even three.
I also think that Obama isn't that interested in saving the stock
market, so its really false and misplaced hope to rally us into his
inauguration, BUT we definitely rally into anything the guy does and
this is a market that really wants to believe it can go up, despite the
reality of the situation it and we all face.
So, while I think there is a shot the DOW sees under 5000 by January
1st, and I remain FIRMLY in bear camp, I do not feel that being heavily
shorted here is justified based on market action.
And, I do believe that we are going to get one helluva JANUARY EFFECTS
this year, which we will be sending everyone an email on to sign up
(this is one year you should ALL sign up for it, I think it's gonna be
one of the BEST ever, its the perfect storm of making this most powerful
trend a potential Gold Mine!
The fact is, if we are to assume that the bottom is NOT in, which I do
1000% assume, then getting a nice rally would be awesome and give us a
brilliant setup for huge money making opportunities BOTH ways!
I am still not ready to buy and swing much on the long side. I would
rather trade the long side intraday, BUT I am willing to consider a
couple of call positions now, which is something I wasn't willing to do
before now. We've been short this entire move down and we've reaped
HUGE profits! I've gotten more testimonials in the last 3 months then
we've had in the last 3 years! People are racking up BIG TIME with our
Options Trader service and in our Chat room.
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It's hard as a trader to sometimes take off positions that you feel are
ultimately going to go further your way, but risk/reward is everything.
I believe GS will see under $25, and it very well may do so near term,
but we've had it short since $140s and that means we're up $90ish on it
if held to the $50 target I gave it months ago.
Also, we can still trade these stocks to the short side on breaks
below lows/supports and still get, in most cases, the majority of the
move without the inherent risk of tying up your money, and of a big
And, if we do sell off further, that's fine as well, just means the
January Effects list we give has an even better shot of returning HUGE
gains, as its done in the past and if I'm right this should be one of
the best years on record of a January Effects list move! No one does
Trends better than us, and we look poised to get a doosey here soon!
I am now market neutral near term, with an overall bearish/lower
outlook longer term. That is subject to change at any moment, that's
the nature of being a trader, but the lower we go the more risk there is
to the downside movement. GS short at $140 and GS short at $50 longer
term will still be profitable I believe, but we've already locked in
HUGE gains, why press it?
Get ready for the JANUARY EFFECTS and our STOCKING STUFFER annual offers
coming soon! Look for them in your mailbox in the next week or 2.
We'll be offering classes and a list of what we believe will be HUGE
opportunities coming shortly for your holiday season!
RULE and let's rock this week and into year end!
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500% and over $1,000,000 in the last 3 months. How's that compared to
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