Thursday, November 13, 2008


Nice reversal today, baby!!!!

WHEEEE! Gotta love this market, folks. We got rich early, and late. SWEET! I went home almost entirely FLAT for the first time in a long time. Hoping we get another pop tomorrow and see what shakes next week for reentry to the short side. That's why they call it TRADING! No volume on the break below the lows, and a lunchtime reversal. VERY VERY NICE! Had a nice day before i now leave to airport to Germany. I don't speak any German, but I think Guten Tag means something, like good night? :) Good luck tomorrow! Remember, TRADE 'EM, don't marry 'em! 900 point ranges, who the hell doesn't want to trade this EASY market? IT's RAINING MONEYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! :) RULE and enjoy the weekend, I'll try to post from Frankfurt. RULE! Waxie
One more thing, did I say this market is RAINING MONEY? Yeah, it is, folks, it sure is!


beach2788 said...

I find it hard to believe some didn't get caught with their shorts down.

Jeanne Mancuso said...


If memory serves, Guten Tag means "Good Day" Guten Nacht means "Good Night".

What does "going home FLAT" mean?


Waxie said...

Flat means I don't own anything, all cash is falt, no bias

Guten Nache

Ming said...


It is not easy. I have to learn how to switch positions. If we could get an intraday call from you via alert, that would be very helpful to us.

BTW, could you take a look at FXP? This is a UltraShort China 25 ETF. How can it set at 52 week low? This does not make sense.