Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A dangerous game...

Eh, pretty nothing choppy and sloppy day, market trying to go higher on Fed, but stalled out and had a decent move down which we caught. Then we bounced and finished the day higher, but basically middle of the days range. Just a sloppy day all around. I'm loving trading these ETFs, they are insanely juiced, they are like stocks on steroids! SRS, SKF, FAZ (maniac), I mean you're trading with basically 12 to 1 leverage with FAZ, that's kinda insane, one has to be careful and set real solid stops, these things fly all over the place. Wheeeee! I still think we have some more upside into year end, but we'll see. It's kinda scary, the government is just throwing the kitchen sink at the markets. I just don't get what they are trying to do, none of this is going to work longer term in my humble opinion, it will backfire. You can't just destroy your currency to make it appear that things are better. It's kinda like doing a 1 for 10 stock split, over 80% of the time it seems that stocks that split 1 for 10 end up back down to the 1 spot in the end anyway. You can dress a monkey up as a giraff and feed him some bananas, but in the end he's still a monkey! What's even more scary is that they announced today that they contemplated buying C stock on the open market basically to squeeze the stock and punish the short sellers. THAT IS SO INSANE it's beyond belief. I really am starting to wonder if we live in a democracy or in a state run communist state at this point. I understand people want the markets to go up, but forcing them to simply won't and can't work. The market needs to make organic adjustments. C on the open market? So it squeezes to $25? Then what? It'll end up back down at $2 at some point anyway more than likely, so all you do is crush investors who hop on board thinking that they have the all clear signal now. And, herein lies the larger problem that should come into play after Obama is sworn in. This market only rallies on government intervention, its phoney, it's being propped up, what happens when its not being propped up? Is the government going to buy out the whole entire market? Buying stock on the open market is not capitalism, its nationalizing institutions and market manipulation in a blatant attempt to dictate market direction. Now, you could chide me if I was short, but as I said, I went flat and if anything LONG lately, so I've been doing QUITE well, thank you very much! BUT, that doesn't change the fact that the government is supposed to oversee and regulate (if that) and not dicate market direction. C would have squeezed to $20s if they did that. Is C worth $20s? Of course not, its barely $6 even after they did what they did! A free market system has to be careful not to step over the line nad that line, unfortunately, is being run over by a mack truck at this point! worldseriesoftrading.com We own it and I've been working on developing something that I can be excited about for a while, I think we're finally ready! So, sign up and get a piece of my money with NO risk and NO cost! It's free to sign up and free to play and you can win some CASH and prizes AND qualify for the LIVE - WORLD SERIES OF TRADING!!! RULE! Waxie


mike w said...

They are going try to do the same thing as ever, ie reinflate. It's what got us here in good times, and who could even tell where this attempt is going to end up given current circumstances. From the scams that are advertised as apartments and houses for rent on craigslist in jersey and from the associated plummeting house prices as reported by case schiller today it looks like a really nasty free for all developing.

The name of the game was to foist debt onto the chinese and the arabs in the form of us gov't. paper, then it was foist the debt on the home owner in the form of overleveraged mortgages which were shifted to the banks and the investors who bought the debt packages. Now the banks "are to big to fail", so the treasury and the fed are shifting the debt back to the us taxpayer. so who is going to buy this gov't. paper? who is going to pay the interest? Probably the individual us tax payer is not "too big to fail". It feels like the buck is not going to stop any where soon, it seems like it will just sort of disappear. In the mean time, across the street from my house in jersey, $1.66 will buy one gallon of regular gasoline - and that is just sick. I can't figure it out

biju said...

Waxie....great posts. Have you read an article in Seeking alpha about GE.

Kind of scary compared to C bailout.