Tuesday, August 12, 2008


OK, so to make life easier, here is the link to the BEAR MARKET class Tiny and I are doing on the 26th and 27th. You need to sign up TODAY in order to get the discount we're offering. This is the MOTHER OF ALL BEAR MARKET CLASSES! Which makes sense since if we're right this will be the mother of all bear markets!

I suggest you ALL take this class! Feel free to email me with any questions, but here is the link to sign up. After today the price goes up, so sign up now! www.trendfund.com/banners/bannerthru.asp?bannerid=980


Nick said...

TRLG and BKE could be possible bear class shorts. TIMBER!!!

10-4 on the beerguy

Jan T said...

Hi Waxie,

Attended Tinys class last night - great!

He said we cold have the Bear Hunting Class for 199.00 if we signed up before midnight OUR TIME.

I tried a few minutes ago - the offer is OFF the board!!!

Well, it's 30 minutes left to midnight MY TIME. I live in EUROPE - guess you guys forgot you have some fans THIS SIDE OF THE POND!!! Apparently our time zones are different!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan T.

AP said...


I've been following your suggestions and thoughts for about a year now, and finally making some progress. So thank you. Wanted to ask you, if you don't mimd, what is your net worth? You don't have to answer if it's too private. Thanks in advance.

Christopher said...

ok, it's still the 12th, i'd like to sign up for the bear class, i have a couple questions though,

i'm lazy and stupid, so i can't find the email address i should send them to, i don't think it's in the post from today

Waxie said...

ap, you're kidding right?
Hehe, does it matter? If I told you I was worth $500 MIL or I told you I was worth $50,000, would it really matter? The TRUTH is that the only thing that matters is can I help YOU attain more wealth and a better life? If I can, then I am someone you should take the gifts I offer from. If I can't, then you will and should find someone else to offer you theirs.

My "net" worth is only meaningful in what it helps you with in terms of YOUR net worth.

If you tried to sign up but missed the deadline for a legit reason, just email me and I will take care of it - waxie@trendfund.com


Jeanne Mancuso said...


I was wondering how you would answer that question about your networth. :) Your diplomatic answer spoiled my plans to tell you that my husband and I are up for adoption. Wait until Trendfund goes public...we won't be able to talk to you or Tiny any more.

Actually I'm counting on Trendfund strategies to improve my networth. Now all I have to do is study. :)

Happy Trading,