Monday, August 18, 2008


Guys and dolls, you ALL need to attend the BEAR HUNTING class we are giving, period. I get so many emails from you guys and gals saying that you just don't know how to trade or invest in a Bear market. This class will show you how to do so and it's the only way to get yourself in a position where you can not only protect yourself but also set yourself up to make the BIG Ka-chingos potentially! I think if you are going to take one class the rest of the year this HAS TO BE IT! Do yourself a favor and get signed up IMMEDIATELY! The class is going to be well worth it and I just don't see how you can figure this market out without a game plan, and this class will help you design one that fits your financial needs! Go here to signup IMMEDIATELY - See ya there - WAXIE


Erik28 said...
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Erik28 said...



but: I'm going on leave/vacation when it happens so ill miss it.

Do you have recorded versions, i still would like to purchse it, even if it is not live. Please let me know if that is possible.

2nd Question:

worth a straddle, ya think?

I already plan to have my finger on the SHORT SELL button, even .5 BELOW the BID, and listen to the ER, so if it IS LESS than .16, (which is the avg expected by anaylsts) then ill unload short that very second, click/confirm. If the ER is .16 or higher, move on, no play/trade.

Read your books, as well as all the literature written on your site, I know this is in your top 10shorts tech class, and it has been pretty volitile of late. Considering this to be my FIRST straddle, curious your sentiment of it, as a straddle potential alone.

Thanks in advance if you have time. Started investing 9 months ago, (yep that's it), after a rocky first 3 months, I then read 7books total (2 of yours) and went through chart after chart and read and read, while taking the entire 1month off. Then set myself a goal of 10% a month gain, as well as a list of non bendable rules. I have met and exceeded the 10% monthly for 5 consecutive months now, a MAJORITY reason of my sucess and confidence is from your readings, hence my lil testimonial there. off the table.

Thank you Waxie.

Before u get all emotional and proud, BSCI...straddle, curious your take.

great mention on COF, in your blog. I have shorted it twice in the past 2 weeks, each time for almost a 10% gain. Think if it bounces here tommorow more, it might be it's last!


Erik28 said...


not bsci

earnings are tommorow after the bell, but still in AH

Erik28 said...

last typo

strangle, not straddle

as it's going to go into ER between 15 and 17.50

Waxie said...

erik, I don't know about a straddle this early in the options cycle into earnings. Stock needs to move pretty heavy. Not saying it won't, but its not one for me. Good luck with it, though!

Erik28 said...
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Erik28 said...


Is there a way i can still purchase the BEAR HUNTING CLASS, and not be live? (recorded version, etc)