Saturday, January 31, 2009


This Superbowl should be watched by 100s of people in Pittsburg and Arizona. Regardless, I'll be watching it. The "cool" choice seems to be Kurt Warner and the Cardinals. The problem for me is, while I would love to go with that, I can't get the notion out of my head that the NY/NJ JETS blew, and I mean BLEW these guys out.

I think the Steelers will completely DESTROY this team, it should be over by halftime. If the Jets can put up 47 points against them, the Steelers certainly can blow them out.

Yeah, yeah, I know, they are a "different" team. Yeah, they beat a bunch of mediocre teams to get to the Superbowl, and almost choked against a not-so-good Eagles team after racking up a big lead at home.

This is a laugher, folks. Steelers 42 to 17(if that).

Now, mind you, I haven't been right on a Superbowl in a a couple of years, but there ya go, that's it, this year I will be right! I usually like the underdog, but I just can't get that image out of my head. How can any team that the Jets blew out be Super Bowl champs? I'm sorry, it can't happen. Our horrible offense got 47 on that defense! I think if it wasn't for the glitz of Warner to Fitzgerald the line would be at least double digits, so at 6 1/2 I think it's a STEAL.

Take the Steelers, and the over since they will score close to the 47 against this horrid defense all by themselves!

Defense wins championships. Steelers in a rompfest.

And, I'm rooting for the Cards, I just can't see them winning.

Rothchild (is that his name, the chocolate heir?), is the Terry Bradshaw of this century. 'Nuff said!

Hopefully after the game someone will cut Larry Fitzgerald's hair, dudes other than Favio shouldn't have hair that long. That's coming from a bald guy, mind you! Hehe!


Market commentary tomorrow night hopefully, thanks for the well wishes, I'm still sick as a dog, though I did make a lot of money the last two days, so at least I can afford the medicine!



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Rich said...

I agree with you all the way Waxie, although the Steelers QB is Ben Roethlisberger. :-)