Monday, September 08, 2008


VERY VERY nice trading day! Today was almost the perfect trading day. We gapped up HUGE, faded it like a mad dog, and then rallied hard into the close. So, we got several big moves. Best of all, we caught SKF premarket at $96.80 and it went about a measely $12! We also got LEH short for $3s, GS for $4s. And, of course you faithful readers caught GOOG for the $30s fade, right? AAPL, right? Ka-chingo!

This market is like shooting ducks, baby! This is a great trading market right now. I'm hoping we get some more upside Tuesday, we'll see. I think some of the beaten up energy and metals stocks could get some short covering as well. Remember, nothing goes up or down in a straight line...except FNM and FRE! I won't gloat, but everyone who took the TOP SHORTS class I gave a couple of months ago should be ROCKING, to say the least. I said and have said time and again right HERE for you all, that FNM and FRE would see ZERO and thats exactly where they basically are.

I think Tuesday the gap should be fadeable unless its a very small one. I think most will be looking for us to chuck the rally up, so a decent gap down should be buyable for a TRADE. This rally can't last that long, but we could go back to 750 on ER and 1300 on ES. I'm tired folks, or I'd give ya some more juicy nuggets. Trying to get back into the swing of things day by dayyyyy!

Keep trading and OPTIONS TRADER fyi had SKF calls and rocked intraday! We also have GOOG puts which are doing pretty darn good, don't ya think?


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Nick said...

You are one hell of a trader

vs said...

Awesome awesome call waxie!

Bill said...

Nice call with SKF, Waxie! I played the options, risked almost nothing, and made bank. RULE!