Sunday, September 21, 2008

I am pleased to announce that I am throwing my hat in the ring, I, WAXIE, am running for President...

I just can't take it anymore, so I've decided that I am going to throw my hat into the ring. There i s no shot I won't do a better job than the two pretenders running.

Here is my platform;

TRUE economic reform -

We will be cleaning up Wall Street. I will fire Paulson, Bernanke and the entire cabinet effective immediately. They have helped create an untenable situation and are now making it MUCH worse for we, the taxpayer, for DECADES to come. They have sacrificed us in the name of keeping us safe from the "CERTAIN" demise of our entire financial system (rubbish), while helping execs at these same companies that helped create this mess to cash out. By not allowing short selling under this same guise they are guarenteeing that these stocks went up and I would bet every dollar I've ever made that the execs are selling into the rally. If they wanted to do things fairly why didn't they put a moritorium on insider selling? And, is it a coincidence that the only investment houses still standing are Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley? Cronies all.

When I am elected there will be NONE of this BS. Why? Becuase you know I don't give a crap what anyone thinks about me, they can all do the right thing or be damned! I can't be bought, so the right thing will happen, you can bank on it! And, I will lead us out of this economic downturn with real job creation, spending money on things that will help us evolve as a society, things outside Wall Street. Things that will truly serve our great country.


My foreign policy will be based on the US regaining the respect and graneur we have lost, it will be a policy of inclusion, working with other nations to solve global issues and creating a much more positive atmosphere. The US used to be looked at as good doers, I intend to restore that respect (not fear) that we've had for generations.

The rest I'll figure out as I go, trust me I'll do a better job than anyone running.

OK, let me say it upfront so that when it comes out in the paper it won't shock anyone -

-I've lived on the streets, I've experimented with many things (I'll let you fill in the blank), I've had two beutiful girls out of wedlock, I'm Jewish but really not very religious, I dropped out of HS, , I have ADD and ADHD, basically you name it I've done it or tried it, and I'm proud of that fact.

If I am elected (when) I promise to serve the people, only. I will not waiver when it comes to moving this country forward back toward greatness. I'll tell the truth even when people don't want to hear it. I'll never lie, and I will never back down if we do need to get tough around the world to deal with terrorism and the like. There will be total equality amongst all citizens.

I haven't really thought this out very much, in case you haven't figured that out, but I am just so fed up with what is going on, its a total joke and something has to be done, if that means I have to become President, so be it. I'm ready to serve you, the people and promise freedom and justice for ALL.


market is gaping down here overnight. We'll see what happens, I would think its fadeable, but let's see what happens and play it by ear. If it wasn't for the fact there are still so many shorts I would say we go right back down. I'm not a conspiracy dude, but this smells so rotten its sick. They are propping the market up so it doesn't collapse before the election, and they are saving their cronies. Thats reality. Anyone who believes this nonsense about the end of the world and they HAD to do this or it would be worse is naive. How could it be worse than taxpayers footing the bill for a trillion or two dollars due to the same people who are now going to be bailed out. Let them pool their money and bail it out, I am sure they could afford it a lot better than the average person in our country. Tonight they announced that GS and MS are becoming bank holding companies. Shocking! This is a joke, plain and clear. If this is so dire they had to do it, then tell me why they didn't do it sooner? Tell me why the day before Paulson said no more bailouts. So, what, it came to him overnight that the end of the world was near unless we screwed the taxpayer under the guise of "the alternative would be far worse". Yeah, sure it would, if you are GS or MS, then yeah, it would be.

yes, I am POed. I find these actions deplorable and I'll say it to anyone who asks. It's sickening. There is no accountability. No one proves anything out, they made grandiose statements and act impulsively. Sorry, but I was born into a country where there are checks and balances and right now there aren't any, there are only conflicts of interest and a bunch of malarky. Maybe it would be the end of the financial system as we know it. OK, maybe thats a good thing, ya know? Bailing out Wall Street certainly isn't what I want my taxes raised for. I don't like the establishment, so VOTE FOR WAXIE!

On November 4th, please vote for WAXIE!

See ya on the other side, of the White House!


P.S> Tiny is my running mate.


mdp129 said...

no doubt about it.. you have my vote. but, if you decide not to run in the end - would you at least try to speak directly with the current candidates? tell them, and whichever one acts on your advice - gets my vote!

C. L. DeMedeiros said...

Awesome idea

Erik28 said...

Future president Waxie,

ONLY if you promise to temporarly ban buying during the strong rallies, and to also instate a downtick rule for the longs.

It's all about equality for BOTH sides!

ROY said...

great ,you got my vote, someone needs to straighten out these crooks that run our country and control our money, why stop the average investor from selling short since only about 5% sell short, the largest are the institutions,why not put a downtick rule in for buying as well??