Monday, September 29, 2008

Proper link for the TOP TEN SHORTS class!

Here is the signup link; I suggest you ALL take the class, folks!


mdp129 said...

waxie, can you list some brokerages where one could setup a tradeable roth IRA account and where shorting can be easily setup?
thanks! great market awareness! you RULE!

Waxie said...

I don't think you can short in any IRA that I ever heard of. Sorry! You can use put options to be net short, though. We recommend Terra Nova

wavy said...

Hi Waxie. Got several short questions. A friend from the market ticker recommended your site. And I have read your posts and I really like your style and approach to the market.
First, if a person signs up for the two week free trial for the shorts class and we choose a different plan, are they obligated to sign up each month for the shorts package? Second, Is the credit card automatically billed each month? (I would prefer, if possible, a manual payment instead of automatic payment.)
Also, I am considering the Yellow belt service also, as that is the best I can fit into the family budget now. Is there a free trial on that also? Thank you very much for your time and assistance on these questions, Sincerely, Ray P.S. have you posted on Ticker Forum? There is a poster with the screen name of waxman.

Waxie said...

Don't think I've ever posted there, but its possible, I post a lot of places, though since I started the blog I've been concentrating on THIS for you guys!
Email for any questions relating to membership plans! Thanks!