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OPTIONS 3-DAY BLITZ w/LIVE Trading w/Michael "Waxie" Parness

Hi all,

Due to a ton of requests over the years - we are having what I've dubbed "The Mother of all Options Seminars", or OPTIONS BLITZ!

Go to the following link and hit the register button at the bottom of this page:

Here is what our current members are saying!


The month of April so far up $509,943.56 YTD. and $71,647.03 this month.



Only made a little on DNDN, chickened out BUT made up for it on TEVA and CAT....made out like a bandit!!!



Choose your title, it doesn't matter! Saturday, May 22nd through Monday, May 24th we are having our most extensive, comprehensive, representative OPTIONS SEMINAR ever!

This seminar is strictly ONLINE, so no matter where you are you can attend! HOWEVER, there is an opportunity for 5 to 10 traders to come trade with me LIVE for the day here in NYC as well. Email me if you are interested.

Best of all, the last day of the seminar you get LIVE trading ALL DAY (8:30 am EST to 5:00 pm EST) with MICHAEL "WAXIE" PARNESS and SCOTT "CANDYMAN" LITTLEFIELD

*Options are my favorite way to leverage my account and maximize my potential gains, while helping to reduce and control the up front risk. Each Options is worth 100 shares of stock, so traders with small accounts (and large) often use this type and love this type of trading because it allows them the ability to control a lot more stock for a lot less money. However, there are risks involved, as always and trading poorly can be hazardous to your financial health. Trading involves risk and people can and do lose money. Education is the only way I know to give yourself an edge. This class is designed in a way that I believe will give you that edge. There are never any guarantees in life, or trading, but there's a reason the cliche exists - "knowledge = power..."

This is a MUST attend class, my friends.

Here is the breakdown;

DAY 1 (6 hours, starting at 11 am EST) Sat May 22nd:

*Intro To Options w/Michael "Waxie" Parness

This class will introduce you to the wonderful world of Options. You'll learn Puts/Calls and what it means to be a newbie to Options. LEAPS, "In the Money", "Out of the Money", "Intrinsic and Extrinsic" values will be covered as well. Michael will also take Q & A after the class and you should have a basic understanding of Options when you leave the class.

*Intermediate Options w/Michael "Waxie" Parness

Once you've learned the basics (or if you know them) we move on to what I call Intermediate Options where we'll go over Staddles, Strangles, and some basic Put and Call Spread Trading Techniques, and what it means to sell "Naked". We'll also discuss using Options as a Hedge for those of you who are investors, and some of the ways Options can be used to help protect investment principal when you feel the market is going to go down.

*Money Management and Options w/Michael "Waxie" Parness

One of the most important aspects of ALL trading is Money Management. The easiest way to turn any winner into a loser, or a loser into a horrid loser is by not practicing proper Money Management Techniques. Options are particularly tricky because the tendency is to go "heavier" when the position doesn't cost as much. I've certainly made this mistake on too many occasions and it almost always comes back to "bite my butt". One of the reasons I love teaching is because I can talk to myself as well and remind myself that there are basic tenets to successful trading, and life. In this class we will explore how we can practice good trading principals and proper money management. Our goal? BIG GAINS/BIG KA-Chingos and Small losses!

*The "Greeks" w/Scott "Candyman" Littlefield

The Greeks are quantities representing the sensitivities of options to changes in underlying parameters on which the value of an option is dependent. Since the underlying securities are constantly in motion, it is important to understand the major relationships that these sensitivities have to the option premium. In this class we will focus on all the major Greek relationships and how best to use them to enhance your trading. Everything from the Delta to the Vega will be outlined and defined and you will walk away with a clear understanding on the factors that drive an option price.

*Options Pricing w/Scott "Candyman" Littlefield

This is a sequel to the “Greeks” class where we will analyze the factors that impact an options price and how to understand the pricing relationship between the option premium and the underlying security. You will learn how to value an option chain and choose the best strike level to play. You will learn how to forecast options at various price levels in the underlying securities and learn how to take advantage of undervalued premiums and how to exploit bloated ones. If you truly want to learn how to be an experienced options trader this fundamental class is important.

DAY 2 (5 to 7 hours, starting at 11 am EST) Sun May 23rd:

*Advanced Options Strategies w/Scott "Candyman" Littlefield

(Spread Trading; Credit and Debit Spreads, etc)

This class will focus on various advanced option strategies and how and when to execute them. We will learn the logic and motives behind credit and debit spread trading as well as how to structure exotic combinations such as butterflies and back ratio spreads. We will also teach you how to use Trendfund strategies to make consistent gains in the options market and yes we will show when and how to short certain options when its prudent.

*Trading Options using TRENDS w/Michael "Waxie" Parness

One of the questions I get asked most often is "but Waxie, when do I use Options over Stocks? Can I trade the GAP using Options? Can I trade Options on Small Cap stocks?" In this class we'll explore the different ways you can use Options, what TRENDS qualify as "Options Friendly" and what don't. This is a very important class because often times it just doesn't pay to trade an Option over a stock, so we need to learn to avoid those potentially negative scenarios. A MUST class, along with Money Management. How do I know? 'Cause as with everything else I teach, I've experienced my fair share of haircuts due to making the wrong decision. In life, and trading, our mistakes often provide our greatest learning experiences and this class will prove that out in a POSITIVE fashion, helping you to make what I believe will be the right choice in your options trading!

*Trading Options Using TECHNICAL ANALYSIS w/Scott "Candyman" Littlefield

You can enhance almost any trading strategy by using Technical analysis even options trading. We will show you how to apply the technicals in a chart to construct various option trading strategies to maximize returns and how to use support/resistance levels to increase our chances of success. Learn to spot focal points in the chart and trade breakouts with options. Learn how to trade options on the internals such as the VIX and how to use candlestick theory to put your option on the right side of the market.

*The Week ahead, mapping out Option trades for the week w/Michael "Waxie" Parness & Scott "Candyman" Littlefield

How do we find potential setups for the week ahead? How do we plan our week of Options trading (or any trading). In this class we'll take you through our thought processes and we'll discuss ideas that look good at first, and second and maybe even third glance. We'll discuss ways to "Plan your Trade, and Trade your Plan" which is part of the Psychology of Trading that we'll also discuss. We are now ready for...

DAY 3 (8:30 am EST to 5 pm EST) Mon May 24th:

ALL DAY LIVE TRADING WITH Michael "Waxie" Parness and Scott "Candyman" Littlefield

*Now that you know options like never before let's see how you "roll" and "rock" and let's see what sets up during the all day options day! This day will be EXCLUSIVELY OPTIONS. We'll discuss all the setups, all the passes and all the "takes". There is no guarantee anything will set up as a potential trade, so with that in mind if need be we'll do a 2nd day of LIVE trading the very next day! We'll make a mutual determination about that if nothing looks like a good idea...I want everyone to feel good about the seminar, so if we don't "catch 'em" the 1st day we'll try a 2nd. I want you all to feel like Options Warriors when this seminar is over! Let's rock!


DAY 1 - $800

DAY 2 - $900

DAY 3 - $1200

ALL 3 days = $1995.00

ALL 3 days w/discount for Option Trader, Stock and Option Play of the Week members, et al = $1695.00 total

ALL 3 days w/discount for Ninja and Black Belt and Marketcast members = $1495.00 total

*This is NON-Refundable.

*Billing will take place on May 20th according to which days you register for and according to what membership you currently have.

*These classes will be archived. The links will be sent out on the evening of May 24th according to the days you signed up and paid for.

*If you would like to come sit with me LIVE in New York during the classes and for the LIVE Day, please email me - I can only handle 5 to 10 people for this. If you choose this option we'll also go out to lunch all 3 days together and you can come on my Radio show on Tuesday, May 25th if you'd like as well. The price of this is $4995.00 with no discounts. I've never done anything like this that I can recall but some have requested this so if you would like this, I'll try to accommodate.

*ALL attendees of this seminar will receive a 25% off a LIVE (yes, really live) seminar that will be held in NYC in June date TDB*

I look forward to seeing you all at our OPTIONS BLITZ! May 22nd through May 24th!

Please sign up ASAP so we can reserve your spot, and let's ROCK and RULE!

Go to the following link and hit the register button at the bottom of this page:

See ya on the other side,

Michael "Waxie" Parness

P.S. Here is more from our current members this week:


Thank you for the awesome CAT puts - they really made my day.



Awesome call, guys!!!!! you nailed it..thanks..





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