Monday, May 24, 2010

Market wrap(ed) up, and Options Blitz roundup!

Market is about to get a test of its mettle in a big way. As I write this we are gapping down HUGE again. 1050 on the S & P and then 1025 and then the dreaded, but probably certain 1000 upcoming. We shall see, perhaps Turnaround Tuesday is in the works...I'm certainly gonna try to poke the gap down if it sticks cause thats what a dude's gotta do.

Just want to thank all those that participated in the OPTIONS BLITZ we just had. And, wanted to thank Coastal for letting us use their office for the day.

I think it was a big success and I love doing events where I get to meet our clients. Very sweet indeed.

Market is on crutches here, shoulda taken AAPL puts home with me, but didn't and will survive, it hit the magical $250 mark but thought I'd get another chance Tuesday, and maybe I will, though not from the looks of it here. We're in trouble, folks and the pigeon's come home to roost.

We'll be sending a survey out later this week, please take the time to answer it, TONS of new initiatives that I'm very excited about, including a brand new infomercial on "destiny" that I'll have more details on shortly. Rockin', life is mighty sweet, despite the markets woes.

Make sure you do not try to catch falling knives for more then a trade here, until proven otherwise the sentiment has indeed changed as noted...


See ya on the other side,

Michael "Waxie" Parness

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