Sunday, May 23, 2010

LIVE Options Trading Day Monday!

Seminar been sweet so far, tomorrow is LIVE Options Trading Day if you wish to sign up please email;

Rockin' and sockin'!!!

RULE and thanks to all who have attended, we have a couple of people flying in and coming in tomorrow to meet me. It's nice to be loveddddddddddddd.

Will be expanding the Blog this week I hope, lots to talk about and will be looking for people to do a "Destiny Makeover" for a new concept I'm working on.

Market this week looks set up for a chop slop, with early week potentially having some decent upside, followed by choppy trading. Not sure if we can go much past 10,500 to 10,700 and still longer term look a lot lower to me, but I have some good ideas I think that I'm pretty high on.

More later, back to class!


Rock on.


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