Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Oy Vey...

You know, I'm sitting here all day trying to make a living and help a bunch of people out, something I've done exceedingly well (how you like that financial rally call?), and I am dealing with extreme pain from my car accident, so frankly I need to not trade here til I get it together, but I just don't know, maybe it's the painkillers I'm on, or maybe it's just my overall crankiness, but whatever it is I am just sick and tired of hearing the pom pom wavers on CNBC. I have to tell you that its disgusting that ANY of them call themselves journalists. Journalists don't pump stocks up.

Check this out, and thank you for the client who sent it to me, this is what I have talked about time and time again and for all that defend this guy, God Bless because I find him disgusting.

Yes, hehe, I am in pain, but whatever, I have never minced words as you guys and gals know. I'm just a little crankier than usual.

RRRRRG! The thing is, I've discussed it before, all the pom pom waving does is hurt more investors who foolishly wade in thinking we are at a real bottom. This is a TRADING market, that's all folks. I nailed this move higher, but now I am calling it flat. I think we may get some more upside, usually these types of moves get some final up move that exhausts the longs and the bears reclaim things, but since I'm not really myself this second I'm going to just lay low and look for some opps as we move forward.

Here ya go, enjoy;

Booyah! And just remember, this is the guy who keeps calling for them to ban short selling and SKF!!! Hehe! What a total joke.



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sun said...

God bless you and get well soon. You nail the market.