Tuesday, June 17, 2008


For all you parents of your children, the BEST show on TV for kids is WORD WORLD.

If you know the show, you know that to be true, if you don't, go here to check it out;


A HUGE shout out to my main man Don who started with a dream and some VC money from yours truly and has turned it into a BEAST! We just won an EMMY yesterday! Wowsa!

Pretty freakin' amazing what a dream, a good idea, some seed money and a lot of hard work will do! People create their own miracles, just as we try to help people create their's!

Word World is doing a raise right now, if anyone is accredited and interested in seeing a PPM, subject to atty approval, send me an email; waxie@trendfund.com it's a wonderful show and company and with Planet Penguin selling to Disney for over $350 MIL, ya never know!

*If you have any interest, we may be starting a small VC fund for clients as well, so email any interest on that as well.

I have known Don since we were kids and we both always thought we'd hit a couple home runs, it's nice to see that we still have a little bit of magic between us!

Most importantly, the show is educational. My girls love it, so make sure you tune in, it's on PBS nation wide!

RULE the words, baby, rule the words!

Michael "Waxie"

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