Thursday, April 17, 2008

Options expiration, watch the PIN ACTION...

I'm going to do a class on this shortly, but the simple version is that on OE day, which is today, many stocks get "pinned" at strike prices. Knowing that gives you an EXTREME advantage.
Just keep an eye on GOOG, GS, BIDU, AMZN, AAPL, X, etc. We'll tally it up Monday and see if it pans out.

Friday should be a wild ride, stay tuned!

FYI - to all those who emailed me about the Options 3 day mini-seminar, stay tuned I'll get you the info early next week. If you are still interested, please email me @

In case you missed yesterday's blog, its 3 days ONLY OPTIONS. First 2 days are all classes and discussion on different option plays. It'll have an INTRO. class, Intermediate class and advanced options class and then day 3 will be an ALL DAY only options trading day LIVE with me in a seperate room just for option traders.

email me if you haven't already if you want to join us, the price is listed in yesterdays blog, I belive its $495 or $595 for the 3 days.


Anonymous said...


You are the man!!!!! I bought some 540 calls this morning alittle after the open and sold them around lunch time - I had the best day trading in my life!!!! Ended up making $36,540.85today - I really appreciate that you are for us little guys!!!! You Rule!!!!!!!
Thanks - RJ

Waxie said...

Tks, read the blog for more, but you should join Ninja service or very least you should try Options Trader service, I gave 3 DOUBLES on Friday, all intraday!

How's that for a day?


Nice day, congrats!