Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Is that all there is, my friend, I thought it'd never end...

OK, so I'm starting to think this overall market really is trash canned sooner rather than later, but we'll see. AAPL earnings are key for the tech sector. I really have no feel for it. Pure guess is AAPL is down post earnings. But, that's PURE guess and I would not play it either way. More than likely its $140s or $200s. If it was closer to options expiration I'd recommend playing a straddle but it's not, so will probably just sit on the sidelines.

Watch the solars here, they are WAY overbought and the fact that FSLR couldn't hold $300s could be very telling if we do pull in. Also, it may or may not mean anything but historically when a sickly hot sector starts getting IPOs the sector is peaking. The AGs have been so hot for so long, could this be the time for a nice pull back? We'll see soon enough indeed.

I'm basically trying to just trade intraday here, its too choppy to start holding a ton of stuff overnight.

Watching Suns Spurs Game 2. I never saw a team that had so much talent look as bad as the Suns do vs. this team. Wow.

Let's trade like we mean it tomorrow and see if we can rock da kasbah!

And, yes, more info on Options and June seminar soon! Waxie@trendfund.com for more info if you have not sent an email yet.



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