Friday, February 06, 2009

SO sorry...

Dear all,

I just wanted to apologize before I head out on the weekend. So, SORRY!

I mean, FITB, FAS, BAC, WFC, PCLN and my market call for the day were HORRIBLE!

Just absolutely horrible of me. Wow, I can't believe how horrible these stocks performed today!

I really am sorry. I can't apologize enough.

So, there ya have it, I hope you accept my humble apology. I don't want to overdo it because I tell my kids that an apology only means something if you mean it and don't keep saying it!

So, I'll just say it one more time - I AM SO SORRY! Please forgive me for calling;

FAS long
BAC long
WFC long
FITB long
all yesterday...

And, I'll also apologizing for calling the market up a lot today.

Thank you in advance for accepting my apology and have a great weekend. Hopefully we can all recoup from the MASSIVE GAINS this week and do even better next week!


Hehe, I couldn't resist, had a MONSTER week myself and so did many clients! Next week should be a GREAT trading week, babies, let's ROCK! *I may be going out of town, if I do I will try to post here, but I may be taking the week off from trading.

See ya on the other side of the weekend!



*Best line of the day today? Ken Lewis, CEO of Bank of America being interviewed by Maria Bartarola - "Nobody executes better than we do!"

Hehe, that's a good one!

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mdp129 said...

hey waxie, you got targets on these latest picks? how are you playing them?

when you ride a winner, when do you know its time to sell?