Thursday, February 05, 2009

Da proof is in da pudding...

It seems some people doubt da Waxie. Wowsa! Hehe. OK, well, here are my monthly results for the last few in my stock account, I'll post part of my futures acct. profits here as well. I can't guarantee these are 1000% accurate since I got them today from my brokerage today.

Sep-08 $472,943.13
Oct-08 $440,106.62
Nov-08 $1,268,946.63
Dec-08 $570,696.95
Jan-09 $396,225.60

Those are my trading profits for those months.

Now, I also made the following in my futures account, this is the email chain from today when I requested my P & L;


Right - it was $60,037.58

-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: Thursday, February 05, 2009 2:08 PM
To: Don Ogilvie
Subject: Re: I need my p & l for months; August through today

What was my balance in. Beg sept in stock acct or end if august? About 60k, right?
------Original Message------
From: Don Ogilvie
Subject: RE: I need my p & l for months; August through today
Sent: Feb 5, 2009 3:00 PM

HI Michael

I don't have P&L on Futures accounts, but you started in August with $8,002.37, and ended January with $232,560.32, and you wired in $50k, so I put you up about $174,557.95 there.


OK, this does not include the roughly $300,000 I believe I am up through today in February. Today I had a very nice day, very nice indeed!

Oh, and my futures acct. as of right now about $260,000.


If you are still skeptical, I don't know what to tell ya, I don't know what the laws are regarding false advertising since I've never done it, but I assume I'd be breaking them if I posted malicious lies in public.

As far as those who requested to see every trade I've made, hehe, well, I'm not posting all my "secrets",sorry. That's what I get paid a lot of money for.

OK, so for all of you who swore that if I was telling the truth you would sign up for our Ninja service for the year, I've kept my word, let's see if you have any integrity! :)

And, thanks to all those who sent the very supportive emails, I appreciate it. I post here as a service, I don't get paid to do it obviously.

And, hopefully you've all caught PCLN, which I posted the other day as a stock that should run into earnings, the stock is up dramatically, and the options I called for our Options Trader service are up over 50% in a few days. That's the power, baby, that's the power!

Today? Glad you asked, today we caught FAS, BAC, FITB, and BIDU. Tiny and Scott had other winners, I just know I made a mint, indeed!

And, that's being still sick and falling asleep at my computer. Now look, I don't make money on every trade, not even close. And, I don't make money every day. I've had my share of losing weeks and losing months. Trading isn't an exact science. It's not free money, it's not gambling and it's not to be taken lightly, you certainly can and many do lose their money. I happen to be very good at what I do, I trade my own money when I trade, and I believe I'm as good or better then anyone I've ever seen or heard of.

Our clients, many of you, when they stick to the rules and they don't get self destructive tend to make money, sometimes a lot of it. But, it's not for everyone, I would never say it is.

What I will say is that I believe in what I do, I believe Tiny is the BEST TA in the world, and I think Scott is fantastic.

There is a spiritual adage that talks about living in abundance, or living in envy and the negative. Frankly, I don't care what anyone else does or doesn't have. I have found that living in the moment is the goal, the minute I step into envy mode I'm done for. I don't have anything to prove to anyone but my kids. As long as they are happy, everything else is gravy. Having said that, in today's world, unfortunately, even people with integrity and who are honest, and both of them I take pride in, have to prove themselves out.

So, there ya go, folks. It's 100% true, I don't need to lie, and I don't need to post here, and you don't need to read this post. Life is all good.

On another note, today was a great day for me personally, I got final approval from the Board of Education in NYC to start my scholarship program so that kids who might otherwise not be able to attend college are going to get that chance through the Trend Fund Foundation (501C-3). If you'd like to donate anything, please email me at;, it's a very worthy cause, the schools are having problems, as are individuals, raising money for anything, and unfortunately things like college and our country's future are getting lost in the mix.

And, on another, another note, my 3rd book, RULE YOUR FREAKIN' RETIREMENT should be available for shipping in the next week to 10 days. I got the very 1st copy, hot off the press from St.Martin's Press! It rocks! You can order it on VERY VERY sweet! I'm very proud of this book, it's the perfect book at the perfect time, it's all about taking control of your retirement, not being a passive and losing investor (and victim).

As far as the market goes, well, we look like we're getting that rally in financials into Gietner's bank bailout plan that's coming Monday. Unless there is some bad news, good chance we have follow through tomorrow to the upside. We'll see, I'm long FAS, MS, FITB and held a small lot of BAC overnight. I had 25,000 but sold 15,000 afterhours because the thing was up over .30 (like 8%) afterhours! I had to take most of it off, that's just too big a gap afterhours on no news for me not to take. If there's no news it may get $6s here, but this thing is so dead longer term, I don't want to risk a ton on these things. I'm very nervous holding this stuff overnight as I've discussed, I just don't think FITB can fall more than $1.64, so it's ok. Why? Because FITB is $1.64! It can't go to less than zero, hehe!

OK, folks, I'm tired, cranky and going to work out for the 1st time in 2 weeks. Making millions isn't fun if I become a blobhead!

Remember, it's all good, life is short, trade hard and make sure you don't stay too skeptical. Wink, wink, nod nod, say it again!


And, please feel free to send me a NICE email. I get at least 20 to 1 nice to not nice, but somehow the nasty ones get very, well, nasty. Lighten up, folks, I can take it, but at least speak the TRUTH! I do! RULEEEEEEEEEEE!!!



beach2788 said...

o.comHolding overnight into Friday jobs report????, not a good idea, you had a Thur. short cover rally, don't look a gift horse in the mouth.
The market is going to get pounded on Friday, Thur. was just short covering from Obama speech and cover after hit 7800 resistance.

popistoc said...

Dow 12000 before Dow 5000.


raf said...

Hey Waxie!
Regarding BAC going up on no news. What about this:According to a regulatory filing submitted today, Lewis bought 200,000 shares at prices between $4.78 and $4.81. Other directors also disclosed purchases of approximately 200,000 shares, including retired Army General Tommy Franks, who snatched up 30,000.
Is'nt enough to push BAC higher? Well, I'm nobody, but decided to hold them overnight. Just will be watching them closely tomorrow.
Love You Man! Raf

mauiman said...

sounds right. I believe every word your saying. You are going to make me a millionaire as well.

eraser said...


Ninja trader here and just wondering if you can, what the port size was that you were trading for the gains? Trying to judge how I have been doing versus your numbers. Thanks!!
TF the best!