Monday, May 12, 2008

Back in da saddle againnnnn!

Did you dudes and dudesses see dat comet? Yeah, that was me, flying around in da Yoga zone whilst you all cracked da market's code, right? Man, I REALLY hope you left me with some Ka-chingos! I can sure use some after spending a few days at da Inn at Woodloch, in PA. (Highly recommended) Was very nice to get away from trading, away from da city by the river that runs foul. Away from all the traffic, and the noise and the city that never sleeps, and me who sleeps even less when I'm in the city. Basically, it was good to get away, but now I am BACKKKKKK and ready to RUMBLEEEEEEE. The market is mine, beeeactch, she is my concubine and I will ravage her as though she is a screaming demon begging for mercy! And, if you can figure out what the hey that means, I will donate $50 to your favorite charity.

OK, so, now I am back and I gotta make you guys and gals some ka-chingos, right? I mean, that's what you pay me for, right? You are ALL coming to my toga trading party, I mean my 3-day OPTIONS WORKSHOP this Wed/Thur/Fri, right? I thought so. If you haven't signed up, email me at and get in the game now.

Shameless plug over and out for the evening.

So, I don't know, I didn't do much today other than drive 4 hours back all zenned out. Kinda sucks driving 4 hours zen, hitting traffic and then sitting in a business meeting where no one really wants to hear about your zenness, ya know?

I did happen to notice that ENER was up over $4 today off my most awesome call as Stock Play of THIS week. That's a very berry nice way to start the week off. Waxie like.

Speaking of like's I want to give my first blog (I think its the 1st, but I don't have time to look back) shout out to Zena and Sharon. They kept me company at Woodloch, kept my publisher unhappy because they gave me the excuse to procrastinate and gave me my first adult pajama party! Coolio. See, and you all thought you had to grow up? Nah, its all just an illusion!

OK, so enough about dat, ya'all, I got a market to rule, babies and it's all for youuuuuu. This is option expiration week, folks and you know this is my favorite week of each month to kick some market butt. Nice day for those poor putrid investors Monday, its always easy when the market goes up. I wasn't around to see it, but I read. I think Tuesday probably is somewhat of a congestion day, and honestly I have to find an apartment this week so I'll be out most of the day. I'll be back Wed. and teaching the workshop (which you will ALL attend, I command you!) and trading Options all day long, my little newbies. So, join me and rejoice.

And, of course, send a prayer out to Bejing, it could and has happened here. We are, after all, part of the same thread. Mother nature does not mess around unfortunately. I had dinner with a Chinese friend ( is going GLOBAL baby! We are selling in CHINA shortly!) and we discussed a lot about culture and just, well, just humans and da truth is, we really are all the same. So, keep it real and be safe. Zen out.


Michael "Waxie" Parness


Mario D'Agostino said...

I signed up to your options mailing. Wish I did it before Monday morning. I would have made 5grand on just 10 options on your ENER call, anyways, I will be attending your option seminar and am looking forward to Friday trading. Thanks for replying to my ribbing, I did use a stop around $75 on NYX, just trying to have a little fun.

Jeanne Mancuso said...

Hi Waxie,

I decided it would take more than a $50 donation to charity for me to try to analyze your little rant on the market although I did get a good laugh out of it. I'm sure Freud would have something to say. :) It's great that you took a little time to have some fun!

Looking forward to the Options classes. I hope it's ok to tape it.


Waxie said...

see you guys at the workshop manana!

rant? hehe, yeah, well, I guess it is.

Class should rock and rolllllll