Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ahhhh, the news...

So, the G7 decided to intervene in YEN Currency and the Nikkei is thus up about 2.5%, while the YEN fell off a cliff.

I guess more intervention and manipulation of currencies is going to fix everything. Right?

Hmmm, just had to check around to see why we flew. When you are moving up solely based on news you have serious issues.

There are several bullets the FED has that will continue to bubble the markets. At some point they will do QE3 and then probably QE4, etc. They've committed to making the dollar worthless as a strategy. I obviously think thats the worst thing they could do, but I'm just a Waxie and no one listens to me.

Oh, well, I try my best. The reality is that the market will go up and go down at some point based on reality, it always does. We have gone up and will continue to hold up or rally if they make the dollar completely worthless, but I'm not sure what good that'll do to own worthless paper.

It's interesting that GOLD fell off a cliff with the troubles in the Middle East and Japan BUT it rallied off currency manipulation.

Friday will be interesting because of this news and what comes out elsewhere, but it'd be so nice if we just let things play out without reacting after the fact. We just keep adding to asset bubbles to make them even bigger and all bubbles at some point - POP!

Rock on, G-dspeed to all -


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