Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Hilary wins!!! McCain wins!!!
Eh, whatever. Does anyone really care that much? Seriously, I don't know about you, but I really could give a rats buttocks. It's amazing that there was like 3 hours of news coverage yesterday about Hilary Clinton crying and getting choked up during a Q & A. Between that and Clemens playing that stupid tape you would think that there wasn't going on in the rest of the world that was important. Jeez louise. Meanwhile the market collapsed once again as it continues to deflate toward the 11,000s. The Russell 3000 is about to become the Russell "help me" at this point. Technology is just getting SMOKED. Financials, ah financials!

Anyone who thinks we have reached a real bottom is NUTS. CFC seems like its headed to ENRONVILLE = zero. I remember the CEO of Enron saying its all ok right before company went completely under. It just feels like the end is near for this beast. GS looks like $175 sure thing. I see no reason to step in front of this train wreck for more than a bounce intraday. Today we looked like we were going to motor into the close. It played out exactly as I had posted it would last night. I even gave you some ka-chingos here! But, then T said things were awful and that tanked us even worse. The worst is yet to come folks and I suggest that if you are not trading, you will be bleeding out of every orafice of your body. You will be crying. Do yourself a favor and LEARN TO EARN!

TRADE WITH USSSS!!! If you think that this market will be up at years end, I think you are on crack. This is the worst start to a year EVER in the history of the stock market. I think the worst hasn't nearly been felt. Having said that, we should get a capitulary move shortly. We almost had one today. You'll see large volume selloff and quick move down - violently bloody and that will be a good entry for a trend UP day at that point. It won't last long, but it'll give a reprieve. In the meantime, I would trade INTRADAY on the long side ONLY here. No need to try to catch some falling knives, folks. They still cut DEEP!

See ya tomorrow! RULE! CFC to zero, baby!!!

Rock on and rock hard

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