Monday, January 07, 2008

Here's look at ya RECESSION!

OK, dudes, if you read yesterdays post I said we gotta fade any gap ups, see if we capitulate and then hop on board. Well, we did and we did, then we redied and then we bounced into the close. TOMORROW (Tuesday) I think there is a very good shot we have a nice up day. Best case scenario is that we gap DOWN because I think if we do you should be able to buy with BOTH FISTS! As that lunkerhead Booyah-head says - BUY BUY BUY!

Do you guys see what The Rocket is doing? Why don't these grown men stop it already and move on. Seriously, since no one seems to have definative proof, they are just drawing more attention to the whole dang thing.

Or, better yet, I'd love the see the pay-per-view RAW Wrestling between the two of them - WINNER TAKES ALL...steroids!

Frankly, isn't it MLB fault? I mean, they didn't police their own house and they had to have known. Did anyone see the All Star game in like what, 2002 or something when Sosa and McGwire were hitting 550 foot HR in the Home Run Derby? (I don't remember the year, and I'm not looking it up). I mean, these guys were belting HRs that are still orbiting the earth not ready to come down. I think that is what Chicken Little was referring to when he said that "The sky is falling, the sky is falling!"

EVERYONE knew, and everyone turned a blind eye. Kinda like the sub-prime crisis, right? I mean ,for years experts and laypeople have been saying that loaning non-qualified buyers mortgage money, with very little if any down payments, and with a 5 year ARMS deal HAD TO END BADLY!

And it did! This isn't even the ole hindsight is 20/20 folks, this is just something that anyone with half a brain knew about.

Speaking of which, have we fixed the damn dam's in New Orleans yet? We knew that was gonna happen to and we still did nothin' about it.

Speaking of which, tomorrow is the New Hampshire caucus. Wow, I am SO excited. If we had any dumber candidates we'd be swimming in a cess pool of dumbness.I really don't understand, there are so many intelligent people in our country and yet we have some really big dummies who we have to choose from.

It's kinda like being the smartest adult in a second grade class. And, frankly, I'd take most second graders over these dudes and dudess any day of the week in an IQ test.

Yes, I know, I'm a horrible person. It's ok, I've grown used to it and I kinda like myself despite it all. I get bashed all the time, so paybacks a beeatch.

Check out the SOLAR's here if we do bounce, I like FSLR, SPWR and STP. I also think GOOG should run a bit if it holds above $650 Tuesday after 10 am. We shall see. Keep your stops set if you play da game and if ya don't, then remember to feed the pigeons, cause they need to eat, too!

Did I tell you guys about my online dating experiences? I will tell you that there are some very funny people out there in da world. OK, last seminar I did people asked me what sites I was on. I'm not going to say. You'll never find me anyway, I post my brother's photo as my own. He's not as good looking, but he's a lot more stable. I figure I'll try to chanel his issues, and maybe he'll chanel my commitment phobic issues.

This is the thing. I have recently realized this, so it's good, right? I mean, they say 80% of the battle is being concious of it. Or, is it 8%. Shoot, I don't recall.

OK, so here is what I realized. I'm a trader. I'm a filmmaker. These things are, by definition, always in some sort of flux, or have definate end dates. Therefore, it is logical to draw the conclusion that I would have issues with commitment. And, what sucks about these online services is that that's one of the first questions I get asked. "Why are you single?"
And, "How come you gots two kids without ever being married?"

Why am I single? Why? In NYC the real question for the majority is "Why are you NOT single?" In a city where Sex in the City is every single woman's favorite show (and if you are married to someone who says it's their favorite show then she's probably straying dude, hate to break it to ya!) you shouldn't have to ask why someone is single.

The cool thing is, chances are if they are out with me, they have the same freakin' issues!

There are some very telling clues about whether someone is capable of committing. But, that's for another post, another day. I have a very recent killer story about a date I went on. More later.

So, as a trader, and a recovering commitment-phobe "Hi, my name is Waxie and I have commitment issues" Hi Waxie! I'm starting a 12 step program for other people just like me. I figure I can turn it into a dating site and charge nice money. Ka-chingo!

So, as I was saying before I got a bit tangential, as a trader I like to use the hit and run methodology. I think in this market you MUST be nimble. Just like Jack - Trader be nimble, trader be quick, trader jumped into the money pit!

I love how every day these pundits talk about volatility as though its a bad thing. As though it's like a disease "oh, the volatility is dreadful, you should be careful!" Really? Why? Today we had AAPL calls and they went for $2 in about 1/2 an hour. We had GS for $2. Yeah, we get our share of losers, but the bottom line is, if you are like Jack, you should be able to jump into your own money pit!

Now, back to my dating experiences. OK, I will tell you one story. Here goes -

I go out on this blind date. I was told that she was a hottie (whatever), very very bright (a must), funny (ditto) and sane (ditto ditto). OK, so we talk on the phone for an hour, have very nice conversation and we decide to go out to dinner. I ask her what she likes to eat, she says anything. My almost certain reaction is - SUSHI! Waxie LOVE SUSHI!

OK, so she says YES, but then about five minutes later says she prefers to go for something else. I suggest Italian - done deal.

I arrive, she's waiting there at bar. Wow, she is a hottie. An attractive blind date, coolio Mo-D.

So we sit down, and we have a very cool and very interesting conversation. And, she is FUNNY! I'm like ok, cool. I'm already projecting that there could be some sparks flying. 45 minutes, we're eating, the food is good, we're still laughing. Wow, ok. And then...minute 46 she says to me -

"I have to confess (ought oh), that the reason why I said I didn't want to go to eat sushi is because I thought I might be pregnant."

Wow, ok now, I know I have a very powerful presence and a reputation that extends to even foreign countries at this point, but I have never gotten a woman pregnant at a dinner table. Of that I am (almost) certain.

CHECK PLEASE! And, then to top it off, she says that she's not really into the guy and she wants to see me again. AND< when I put her in a cab (I had my car, but no ride was offered by this gentleman for this one)
she goes to kiss me. Now, I know guys who would find this situation intriguing. I'm not one of them. Although, in hindsight the upside was it woulda been safe, right? Hehe. Wheeeee!

And so it goes...and so it is now online! Hehe. Hope no one is offended, but I am who I am, don't ask me ta change cause it ain't gonna happen!

Peace out everyone, and let's kick some steroid induced market butt tomorrow!


Michael "WAXIE" Parness

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chefbaker said...

So, Mr waxie.....if you think the current group of candidates is a cesspool of dummies, (I can't imagine where GW would rank), who would your candidate be.....Michael Bloomberg perhaps? Just curious.....

Lovebostons said...


Will you ever be venturing into Forex? Could use your expertise there too....Or is that not a good area to be trading in?

Anonymous said...

I second lovebostons comment, Warren Buffet just invested $20B to short the USD this year.

C'mon Waxie, put one of your futures analysts on the job. They're all smart, multi-tasking guys.

I'm sure their picks will be better than the Forex goons from Jersey.

Anonymous said...

crap.. I wanna know more about the film making side.

Triangles and the rule of thirds!

Waxie said...

OK, I'm back. Glad to see some comments, I'll answer you all;

FOREX - we are definately getting into Forex. If you would like ANY info on FOREX please email me @ and I'll get right back to you with some ideas and thoughts as we are currently setting up a very sweet deal with a prime broker to handle our forex traders that rocks!

Tiny will also be giving a weekly class(es) and we're making a book and DVD on it as well. We actually made a Forex trade at the seminar in Las Vegas last week and made roughly 20% in a day on it. 20% on the entire account in a day!

As far as winners and losers, read my latest blog here. I think this week we may get a very substancial rally. We'll see. Read more on the regular blog! Obviously we did NAIL the downturn and made healthily (and saved you guys a TON if you only bailed as we got wiped out).

RULE and keep the comments coming!