Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Market continues to plow higher...Workshop in Florida Monday...

Wall of worry is being climbed over at this point. S & P now above 1125, that 1150 market is looking tasty. Interesting split market as Banks and Home Builders continue to lag badly and yet Tech and select issues just plow higher and higher.

Earnings runners still rocking, and if you are picking your spots you are doing pretty darn good. You're doing even better if you had PCLN over earnings (we didn't, fyi - though wish we did!).

DNDN looks higher, this stock reminds me a lot of the former IMCL in that it would dip on "bad" news and then rocket higher and higher until it got bought out. My suspicion is that DNDN gets taken out so I think it has to be on your radar both ways. I own 50 calls on it currently, had 25 into today and added 25 today, for full disclosure sake. So, yes, I did indeed have a very nice day...

I'm doing a "1 on 1" intensive 1 day workshop this coming Monday in West Palm Beach Florida. If you are interested in more info email me and I'll get you details. Email me;

Let's keep plowing ahead, life is freakin' beautiful babies and it's all GRAND! We're moving ahead on all cylinders and so is the market. Gotta love the summer, I sure do.

Heading out to free some Butterflies with my beutiful daughter. Who'd a thought that a soon-to-be 47 year old 6'4" dude from Queens would be freeing Buttleflies and sharing about it when I was growing up? Not I. And, hence the beauty of life.

We're releasing some soon to be finished DVD's that are brand new shortly, stay tuned. 2010 is turning into a GREAT YEAR, rock on...


Michael "Waxie" Parness

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