Monday, March 29, 2010

NEW Radio show I'm hosting - THE TRADER SPEAKS! Check it out!

Michael "Waxie" Parness hosts NEW Radio show - THE TRADER SPEAKS - every Tuesday @ 1 to 2 pm EST! TUNE IN!

*1st LIVE RADIO show is tomorrow, March 30th, Tuesday from 1 to 2 pm EST!*

COST - FREE, its radio!

WHO: Michael "Waxie" Parness and guests...
WHERE: Log onto;
WHEN: Every Tuesday from 1 to 2 pm EST
WHY: To get a LIVE market perspective, exciting guests, live charting take, and live dial in to talk to Michael and his guests!

Hear yee, hear yee, henceforth Michael "Waxie" Parness hosts a brand new and LIVE Radio show called ---


The Trader Speaks will feature guests from all over the financial community. Michael will trade LIVE, on air, and give his own take on the markets up to the minute throughout the show! The show will also feature some exciting and insightful guests...

Tomorrow's 1st guests are;

Jon Najuarian, or "Dr. J" who many of you know from CNBC's FAST MONEY. Dr. J is known widely as an Options trader and expert and is often brought on to discuss what options are hot, or not. A trader himself, I think he'll provide some very valuable insights into this universe for us.

We also have Bob Dorman, Publisher of Active Trader Magazine to discuss the nature of Trading from his perspective.

Plus, we'll have "Chart Toppers" with our own Scott "Candyman" Littlefield to talk about what he's looking at midday in the market and what he sees for the near and beyond future from a technical analysis angle.

AND, last but I hope not least, Michael will provide his intraday view on the market and also some Tuesday's do LIVE trading ON AIR for you to join in on if you choose! This is the first show of its kind that we know of!

We'll also be taking YOUR phone calls so you can call in and ask Michael or the guests what they think about the market, a stock you want to hear a view on, or anything related to what THE TRADER SPEAKS might speak to!

So, tune in tomorrow, and every Tuesday afternoon at 1 pm EST to THE TRADER SPEAKS;

ALSO, please tune into Michael's other radio show, every MONDAY night from 7 to 8 pm EST - TREND SUCCESS where Michael talks to people from all walks of life about Success in all sorts of ways! Tonight's show is on one of my pet causes, and should be yours - Tort Reform. We'll have experts and attorney's to discuss the merits of this issue, and the non-merits as well. Next week should be a special show featuring one of the oldest living Holocaust Survivors as we continue with Episode #3 in our Survivor Success series on how to survive and thrive in crisis situations. This will be a personally and universally important episode, so please tune in!

Trend Success you can tune in by going here;

Look forward to seeing on THE TRADER SPEAKS tomorrow @ 1 pm EST! Be there or beware of the market...Michael is taking the fear out of trading, and putting the fear into Wall Street each and every week on THE TRADER SPEAKS, and each and every day at - where YOU can get a FREE 2-week trial!

*You can dial in to speak to Michael or the guests LIVE by dialing Toll Free - 1-877-242-8212

See ya on the other side, as The Trader Speaks...and Happy Passover to all who celebrate...

Michael "Waxie" Parness
Host - The Trader Speaks (
Co-Founder - My Financial Power Makeover (
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