Monday, March 22, 2010

BAMMO SLAMMO, and who forgot the correction?

I'll tell ya, I've been sleeping late these days cause I've been up working and researching, like I am right now. So, I haven't traded the open that often lately. We've been KILLING this market both intraday and swinging it so I haven't felt the urge or need.

having said that, I did wake up (I took a nap in the afternoon, however) for the open cause I "knew" that we'd open down and it would be a GREAT buying opportunity. Sure enough BAMMO SLAMMO I was right. Hey, it does happen, ya know? There's a reason you're reading this blog, I would guess.

This market should get a selloff after this quarter ends, but seems unlikely to get a major down move before that. that doesn't mean we won't sell off 200 to 300 points in between now and the 1st of April, but right now you just gotta go with the buy the dips theory until proven otherwise.

I'm putting the finishing touches on my Window Dressing class and picks. I already gave 3 stocks in the FREE - MOTHER OF ALL STOCK CLASSES on Thursday and then Saturday me and Scott taught and you can email - for a link to the archive, but regardless, let's see what shakes out.

There's one stock I am really stalking here. It's a stock I haven't done all that well with in my history with it - GOOG. I hate trading GOOG. Yeah, I've had some REALLY big scores with it, but its also cracked me more then a couple of times. Having said that, I think its setting up for a really nice long entry here and I want to be there to catch it. I have a plan, and members are gonna hear about it when it does set up. May not work, ya never know, but I am very confident in it.

We are offering a FREE 2-week trial to both my Marketcast class and right now. You should take the trials, they are free and you have nothing to lose by checking it out.

OK, that was my plug. It's interesting listening to this debate about the Obamacare bill. First off, it passed, so whether you like it or not, lets move on, shall we? We spend so much time in this country wasting valuable resources on things after they are finished. Do I like the notion of ALL Americans having health care? Absolutely, no question. Do I like the idea of change? Yup, sure do.

Do I like the basically bribes that were handed out, and the fact that I think it will ultimately have a very adverse economic impact and hurt growth and potentially the very people its supposed to help? Nope, not at all. It's a very mixed bag.

Thing is, there is just so much politicizing on every "hot" issue that it just takes much of the benefit out of any visionary idea.

I don't like a lot of what's gone on, not on either side of the political fence. I think its just one big pool of urine, but its what we have, so we make the best of it. Since it did pass, I guess we'll see if it does any good, or just makes things worse in the end. In the meantime, its time to move on to other sordid affairs and our job is to crush the market, and that's what we've been doing lately - crushing it!

Oh, one more thing, a week from today, on Tuesday March 30th I'll be debuting my new LIVE online radio show that is STRICTLY on the stock market. It's at 1 pm on the same station my other show is on; - 1 pm EST every Tuesday, starting March 30th. it's a one hour LIVE show where I'll be talking stocks, stocks and ka-chingos and hopefully be doing some live trading right on air!

So, come check it out and call in and ask questions on your favorite stock or sector or anything ya like.

See ya there, on the other side,



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