Monday, January 18, 2010

earnings Runners and some special words on Haiti!

Earnings Runner class (and some special words about the situation in Haiti) PLEASE READ:

I'm not crazy about the market here, the 3 big companies to report earnings all blew out estimates and yet traded way down (AA didn't blow out but did beat revenue forcasts but JPM and INTC crushed estimates all around).

While I still expect some opportunities this earnings season, of course. I'd rather take it on a case by case basis. I'd also rather not put my money into a bunch of swing trades here and if I'm not willing to consider putting my money into a trade idea I have then I certainly
wouldn't want to discuss it in a class as something special!

A nice size group signed up for the class which was to be expected after the phenomenal January Effect list success we had, but no one has or will be charged for this Earnings Runner class. . Let's see how things pan out here.
This is a critical juncture for the market and its either going to bust a lot higher, or we could see that correction the bears have been drooling over and praying for. I'd lean toward a correction but either way it should be a volatile bumpy ride.

I don't like 50 50 shots and right now the odds are about that in my opinion.

Stay tuned and RULE!

And, special prayers to the people here and all over who are suffering due to the devastating tragedy to our brothers and sisters of Haiti.
If you haven't given anything remember that we're all in this craxy thing we call life together and when 9/11 happened here nations and people from around the world reached out to help us.

The economy will fluctuate, but we will survive it, its not the end of the world. 100,000s of people dead and without food and shelter is literally earth shattering and unfortunately we are not immune to it potentially striking here either.

Give what you can and send your prayers. My 501C-3 charitable foundation, The Trend Fund Foundation, which usually gives money to causes here will match any donation our clients and my friends (including you) send in up to 30k.

I am looking into ways to perhaps rebuild a school or do something direct rather then just send money that may or may not make it to people suffering. Stay tuned and send in 5 or 10 or 100 dollars via whatever means necessary.

Email me for more info:
All donations are tax deductible.

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You asked for stories of overcoming adversity and here I am. Overcame thew following; work related injury followed by three surgeries, foreclosure on home and unemployed but out of foreclosure only one of only 18000 in country,overcoming health related challenges by turning all of this into a passion for writing. Have written two books, one in marketing now ready for sale and the second in editing, both use conspriracy theories to help characters overcome in troubled times. I could go on and on, the first book is geared for the inspirational christian market, the second is geared as a parody of todays political turmoil. What great fun to turn tragedy into a passion and when books sell, into profit.