Sunday, March 30, 2008


I LOVE that song. In one of the 4 colleges I attended in 2 years (0.33 GPA) I used to play the Kinks a LOT. I doubt I'm the only one who played the same song over and over again in College because I liked it.

My kids do the same thing. They watch the same shows over and over again, and they can listen to the same song 20 times without it bothering them. Of course now it drives me nuts and I like a lot more variety, but you get my drift. The market sings that song a LOT lately. We keep looking for the Fed to come bail things out. And, they will!

Problem is, I doubt it does anything more than rally us for s short period and then we tank even harder. That's been the pattern and I doubt it'll change anytime soon. I hate repeating myself, but sometime's I can't help myself, can't help myself, can't help my freakin' selfffff!!! The Fed getting into the mortgage business has to be the worst decision a Fed has made potentially EVER. Benanke really is proving to be the biggest bumblehead of a Fedmeister ever. Have some B&**s Ben, have some cahoonas! I mean, for crying out loud, stop the insanity! We live in a FREE MARKET society! That means if you invest/buy something it can be worth either less or more when you sell it. You can't make it a guarantee that you make money or break even on everything you buy. If you do that you devalue the dollar into ZERONESS and you disincentivize people from taking care of themselves and learnings from their mistakes, and you tip the scales of the entire system. Whateva, I am repeating myself, so I won't bore ya all with the details of my Fed bashing. I think they suck, what can ya do? it's funny listening to Booyah lately! I have to say he is a total trip. Now he says the market is going down because of short sellers! hehe, roflmao, that's one of the funniest things I've ever heard. A hedgefund guy saying that. That's sheer LUNACY. The market doesn't go down because of short sellers, sorry. That's possibly a dumber idea than the Fed! The uptick rule was moronic in the first place. Why does everyone want to bend the free market/capitalistic rulebook to suit their needs? Hey, I'm fine if we want to live in a socialist country. OK, pay my medical insurance bills, please! But, unless we want to do that, then people should stop whining and start being proactive with their own finances! I've made plenty of bad deals that have lost me plenty of money. Such is life. It sucks, don't get me wrong, but it's part of the learning curve. It's like in 2000 when everyone started suing their brokers. What nonense. Hey, you decided to invest, not your broker. If you made money would you give 1/2 to the Fed, or the broker in this example? OF COURSE NOT! So, why should you be bailed out? The economy is in shambles. SHAMBLES. ANd, its not getting better overnight, so why do we continually want to fix the problem this instant, which only gets it worse and worse?
You ALL should learn how to SHORT THE FREAKIN' MARKET! That's right, I said it. Short the market, it sucks, its worth 50 - 70% less than what it trades at. ALL STOCKS SUCK! Sorry, but I had to say it. Until people start to look at the market as a TRADING VEHICLE they will continually get burned and they will continually whine and cry and ask Mommy Fed for help. Ben Bernanke's teet must be pretty sore about now cause so many whiney people are begging for milk as though he's their mommy!

What's great is, even a lot of the conservatives are whining for a government bailout! I'm not knocking anyone's politics, it just always strikes me as funny and ironic that people will take a side that is counter to their supposed belief system if it serves them in the moment. This Fed is like a dream come true for Dems. It's Rep appointed and yet it acts like it wants to give Home Owner welfare reform!

As far as the markets go, I'm iffy here. We nailed last week in a big way. I think we can go either way this week, but I would lean LONG post Monday a wee bit because post-Window dressing we usually reverse and since the market is tanked 1st quarter it may very well get a bounce to start the second quarter. That move, if it happens, will last for a short while and then I suspect we go back down. But, of course a lot depends on what the FED and the Houses figure out what type of bailout they are going to force through for political gain. We also have some MAJOR earnings releases this week. RIMM, GOOG , so me more banks and brokers. So, we should get a nice healthy VOLATILE (love it!) market this week. I'm looking forward to it, so should you be! By the way, I am doing a special TOP 5 Shorts and TOP 5 Put Options for 2008 class tomorrow night after the close, around 4:30 pm EST. You should all sign up for it! The link is:

Please note that the money back guarantee is after 120 days. This is a list that will have a plan and I think it should play out well over 120 days (or less) rather than in a week. So, just want to make that clear. I think you all should sign up since most of you need help with shorting and learning how great it is to be open and willing to short and buy PUTS!



Kathy said...

FWIW, shows GOOG earnings as 4/17, not this week. Nice blog

Waxie said...

Yes, you right, GOOG earnings next week. My bad.

Owenaldo said...

do you still have the top 5 puts and 5 short ?? Is it too late to register ???