Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rockin'...and we should be good to go, baring news...

Stick to the plan, dudes and dudesses and that is BUY THE DIPS, let the rest RIPS...or something like that.

I'm now clearly and cleanly in the overall BULLISH camp, though headline risk is very clear and dangerous, so buyer beware...but overall we should be buying dips here until proven wrong on that call. The market wants to run into this quarters earnings, at least for now. Of course, a couple bad earnings and we could be headed again down, but I get the feeling we ain't tanking so fast.

A gap down Wednesday should be buyable, at lesat for a trade, and energy still looks good here, with $75 support on Oil and my Natural Gas appearing to want to go a lot higher short and long term. If it can hold above $5 it should make its assault on $6...we shall see soon enough, I have some small cap Nat Gas stocks I'm looking at, if I'm ready to discuss you'll know where to find me...

In meantime, if anyone is interested in potentially partnering with me in a new infomercial idea (non-stock related), please email me - waxie@trendfund.com
I think its kick butt. Also, if you have an infomercial idea you'd like to discuss please email me same and we'll see what shakes. All ideas are strictly confidential.

Rock and RULE!!! We are SMOKIN' this market, folks, get on board the train!


See ya on the other side,

Michael "Waxie" Parness

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