Sunday, September 27, 2009

The blue algae problem...

So apparently there is killer algae out there infecting humans and killing animals.
I think that the same can be said about the banking system and some of the initiatives that are being thrown at the flooding dam. I have officially given up on this new administration doing anything worth a dang. It's unfortunate, but for all the tough talk and wonderful "hopeful" promises, we are still run by the lobbies and the banks. When exactly is Goldman repaying the $13 BILLION they got from taxpayers in the AIG fiasco? Or, is the check in the mail and she won't get pregnant if they do it standing up?

In the meantime, whilst I hold my breath and wait for someone to actually do the right thang, this market is so ready to roll over it's ridiculous. We should get that one last nice push up into quarters end here early this week but then I think we'll see the selloff everyone's been waiting a while for. The dollar reversal should be a good place to short and the market could then get another bounce on dollar weakness (or re-weakness). The trend continues in that the markets rise is 100% correlated to dollar weakness. As the dollar gets devalued then all commodities should rise lock step with the fall of our virtually worthless currency.

For Window Dressing I am watching the small China plays I have mentioned before here.

In the mean-meantime, does anyone have any Yankee playoff tickets that are decent they want to do me a favor and sell me? Or, I'll trade for coaching or other services? Or, I'll buy you dinner if that works as well.

Best and RULE as always -


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Owenaldo said...

Lol I want to have dinner with u waxie .... but I dont have yankee's ticket .... wkwkwkw